Amazing Road Trip On The West Coast Of The USA Will Make You Wanna Go On A Road Trip Yourself (88 pics)

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A German couple made this incredible road trip through the Waste Coast of the US for 20 days. They were not disappointed.


After a 15 hour journey we finally landed in Oakland and stayed there for the night (scary). We got up very early and headed for Yosemite NP and were greeted by a magnificent view

We set up camp in Bridesveil Campground and went to Glacier Point to view the sunset

The view was breathtaking

As the sun was setting it got more and more beautiful by the minute

We wanted to try out ‘typical’ American food, so we ate some kraft mac and cheese – what a letdown! At least it was warm, because temperatures dropped very low that night.

The next day we went to Sequoia NP – pictures cannot depict the size of these trees.

After a night in Tulare, CA, we again headed for Yosemite NP to camp at Tioga Lake. We started at 85 Fahrenheit (29°c) in the morning and on our way we got into a halestorm

Luckily the car wasn’t damaged. Unfortunately we had to see the sunset we were missing due to the storm

We got into a second storm that night and decided to sleep in the car

As if nothing happened the night before

We passed Mono Lake and headed for Death Valley

It was insanely hot (110 Fahrenheit/43°c)…

…and insanely beautiful

In Las Vegas we had another ‘typical’ American food (sorry Eastcoasters) – In-N-Out. Only bested by Five Guys.

On our way to Flagstaff we passed the Hoover Dam

And Grand Canyon – which was totally crowded with tourists…

…and squirrels!

Camping in Meteor City RV-Park was pretty great

I’ve never seen so many stars before! And I hadn’t seen the center of the Milky Way with the naked eye

On our way to New Mexico we stopped at Petrified Forrest NP

The stones looked like real, living trunks from the distance

Painted Desert

Later that day we arrived in Albuquerque (sp?!) and did a little Breaking Bad Fan-Tour… felt like paparazzi

Double rainbow, yada yada

Shady neighbourhood, beautiful sky

Greasy Deliciousness

Best pie I’ve ever had

Somewhere in Colorado

Thanks to the weather the skies were always dramatic

Another rainbow – is this our trip’s theme?!

I felt like working for Ford’s advertisement-department sometimes

Traditional labour pision

Went to take a shower, had to get back to get my camera!

The sand was scorching hot…

…but the view made it all better

Bergmann’s Rule in action

Got into yet another halestorm on our way to Utah – downhill, with summer-tires… but saw this beautiful valley


Took this one for you!

Forced perspective


One of the few sunny moments in Utah

We set up camp in Canyonlands NP and decided to explore it a little bit more before it got dark

The weather again created some beautifully dramatic light

Green River Canyon – we were the only people there

Everyone else obviously got the memo, that another rainstorm was closing in

We managed to pack our soaked tent without getting hit by lightning – and experienced these rare mammatus-clouds. We also braced ourself for the impending alien-attack

Did anyone watch ‘The Fog’?

We finally escaped the bad weather in Capitol Reef NP

Bryce Canyon NP

Checkerboard Mountain, Zion NP

Remote campground in Arizona on our way back to California

One of the most beautiful nights

That’s no moon! (it is, though)

Abandoned Motel in California

Big Sur. We didn’t see this bay from our car, but there were 20 cars parked in one of the slopes – glad we decided to see, what they were parking for

Went to see Monarchs, saw Humming bird instead

Monterey Aquarium, California

Arrived in San Francisco on our 19th day

Spent our last day walking through the City, visited Chinatown, ate a huge pizza on our way. Doesn’t get any better than that

Got back on our plane to Germany after 20 days on the Westcoast of the USA. 4920 miles on the road. It was the best Vacation that I’ve ever had.




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