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Tough Questions Job Candidates Were Asked By Popular Companies During Their Interviews (14 pics)

Posted in Random » WTF   30 Mar 2016   / 5762 views

We've already talked about crazy questions Google asked their applicants, apparently they aren't the only one to ask difficult questions. These companies have some toughies too.


'When a hot dog expands, in which direction does it split and why?' —SpaceX Propulsion Structural Analyst job candidate

'Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?' —Whole Foods Market Meat Cutter job candidate

'If you're the CEO, what are the first three things you check about the business when you wake up?' —Dropbox Rotation Program job candidate

'What would the name of your debut album be?' —Urban Outfitters Sales Associate job candidate

'If you were a gerbil, which kind of gerbil would you be?' —Airbnb Software Engineer job candidate

'How would you sell hot cocoa in Florida?' —J.W. Business Acquisitions Human Resources Recruiter job candidate

'Google employment has doubled each year for the last x years. Given the current employment, how many years before Google employs the entire world population of y?' —Google Software Engineer job candidate

'If I gave you $40,000 to start a business, what would you start?' —Hubspot Account Manager job candidate

'How many basketballs would fit in this room?' —Delta Airlines Revenue Management Co-op job candidate

'What would you do if you found a penguin in the freezer?' —Trader Joe's job candidate

'If you were a brand, what would be your motto?' —Boston Consulting Group Consultant job candidate

'If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?' —SkyWest Airlines Customer Service Agent job candidate

'If you had $2,000, how would you double it in 24 hours?' —Uniqlo Management Trainee job candidate

'If you won the lottery and received $50 million, what would you do?' —Deloitte Business Analyst job candidate

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