You'll Be Surprised But These Celebs Are Rolling In The Serious Dough (19 pics)

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Of course, it is not surprising that celebrities are rich in general. However, some celebrities are surprisingly rich even if they have a celebrity status.


Bob Saget – $100 Million

Stand-up comedy and family sitcoms have proven to pay off for Mr. Saget.

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Martin Lawrence- $110 million

You may not have seen much of him recently , but he’s actually made a lot of good career moves in his day. His show “Martin” was one of Fox’s highest-rated shows in the 90s, and it translated well for him into the movie world.

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Ray Romano- $120 million

Apparently “Everybody Loves Raymond” was a lot more successful than the so-so reviews led everyone to believe. Add that to the fact that Romano was an executive producer on the show for 9 years, as well as a voice on the “Ice Age” films, and he’s set.

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Rowan Atkinson – $130 Million

Who knew Mr. Bean was so damn popular?

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Birdman- $150 million

As the head of Cash Money Records, he’s one of the top hip-hop moguls of this generation.

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Glenn Beck- $180 million

Beck’s conservative-host gig goes way past Fox News these days. His stake in media company Mercury Radio Arts and his public gigs have turned him into quite the valued-speaker.

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Jessica Alba – Estimated net worth: $200 million

No, she didn’t make this much money from “Sin City” and “Fantastic Four.”Honest Company, a consumer goods business she co-founded, is doing phenomenally well- they’re valued at $1 billion. Forbes even put her on the cover as “America’s Richest Self-Made Women.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus- $200 million

No, “Seinfeld” and “Veep” aren’t the only reasons she’s got $200 mill in the bank. Her father happens to be billionaire Gérard Louis-Dreyfus, chairman of Louis-Dreyfus Energy Services.

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Garth Brooks – $220 Million

Brooks is regarded as one of the most powerful people in the country music scene, and has sold approximately 200 million records worldwide.

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Jamie Oliver- $240 million

That healthy British chef on the Food Network is the richest chef around in the UK, with a successful restaurant chain, media gigs and cookbooks that sell like hotcakes.

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Judge Judy- $250 million

Judy Sheindlin is the tough but fair reality-TV courtroom queen, and she’s accumulated one of the biggest TV fortunes over the course of her tenure. 10 million people tune into her show on average, and she gets a reported $47 million salary annually.

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Dave Grohl- $260 million

Not only is Grohl the coolest lead singer around, he also has worked on numerous other projects such as recording drums for other artist albums like Tenacious D and Queens of the Stone Age.

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Mitt Romney- $260 million

Romney rakes in most of his dough from the company he founded, Bain Capital.

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Keanu Reeves- $350 million

His awesome movies have consistently raked in the dough, with hits like “The Matrix” and “Speed,” not to mention “John Wick” which is getting a sequel.

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Jimmy Buffett- $430 million

Buffett can thank his laid-back living branding into multiple successful business, particularly Margaritaville.

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Gloria Estefan- $500 million

She’s not really a pop star these days, but she did so well in the 90s that she transferred that success over to a number of Cuban restaurants in Miami. She even made a Broadway musical about her life with husband Emilio last year.

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Dolly Parton- $500 million

From acting to singing, Parton has been around for quite some time. She’s been outrageously successful, but the best part may be that she still gets a check every time you hear “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

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David Copperfield – $ 850 Million

Thanks to his long-standing Vegas show (among other things), Copperfield’s on track to be the first billionaire magician.

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Larry David- $900 million

Wellll… he used to be worth $900 million thanks to Seinfeld, until his ex-wife took half of it.

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WitandWiticism 4 year s ago
Many of these are not surprising, particularly Mitt Romney, Jimmy Buffet, and David Copperfield.



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