This House Is The Most Neat And Organized Ever (31 pics)

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31-year-old Alejandra Costello from Washington, DC, offers tips and tricks on how to organize your house best. You will clearly see from the pictures of her house that there is a place for everything and everything in its place. I've never seen anyone being such a "neat freak." But at least, she knows where all of her stuff is.


Neat freak: Professional organizer Alejandra Costello showed off her home in a recent video

Spick and span: The 31-year-old lives in a condo with her husband in the Washington, DC area

Immaculate: She proudly showed off the pantry in her kitchen, which is meticulously organized

Nothing mixed up: Her spices and vitamins sit on separate lazy Susans, which are labeled

Label queen: Her cans all face outward, and dry goods are stored in air-tight containers with changeable chalkboard labels

Type A: She even has a separate tea container where her teas can be divided by type

Every detail: To stop her silverware from shifting when she opens the drawer, she installed a drawer divider

All tucked away: She added two-level shelves to her cabinet in order to store more plates and bowls; she also keeps pictures and magnets on sheet metal inside the cabinet

Smart move: Her pans are stacked vertically so they are easier to pull out

So clean: Alejandra's home office also serves as her personal craft room

All visible: Crafting supplies are stored in clear containers, with some items hanging from a peg board

Brilliant: Storing ribbons in a peg board makes them easy to pull and cut, while color-coded file folders ensures everything is easy to find

Nothing left to chance: She also organizes her chores and fitness goals on a bulletin board, checking things off with stickers

Colorful: Alejandra has a rack for wrapping paper

and spots for files and folders

Reminders! She also has separate compartments for mail so she doesn't forget about anything

Sections: Pens, pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, rubber bands, and glue all have their own spots

Maxing out the space: In her closet, Alejandra has a pull-out drawer for her jewelry that can be hidden under her clothes

Tips and tricks: She hangs long necklaces from hooks, which prevents them from getting tangled

All the details: She also separates her clothes into categories and separates them with labels

Eye-catching: Color-coded clips on the hangers help her see quickly what type of clothing she's looking at

Recycling: She uses a towel rack to hang scarves on one end of her closet

Put it away: Alejandra noted that bathrooms can have lots of clutter, so she keeps hair accessories and make-up hanging on the back of her door

More space: She also has a storage-enhanced shower curtain liner for extra soap and hair brushes

Just grab it: Inside her medicine cabinet, she hung sheet metal — which allows her to store her most-used items on magnets

Favorite spot: Alejandra loves her linen closet, where she has medicine and sunscreen neatly put away in clear bins

Making the most of it: She and her husband turned their sunroom into a garage-like room for storing more stuff

DIY girl: Sports equipment is kept in a cage made out of bungee cords for easy access

A place for everything: Even her batteries, kept in a tackle box, are divided by size


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