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This Woman Knows How To Hilariously Recreate Instagram Photos Of Celebrities (43 pics)

Posted in NSFW   22 Apr 2016   / 6215 views

Celeste Barber is an Australian comedienne who does these parody poses inspired from celebrity Instagram photos. This is truly epic, check it out.


Lady Gaga And I Progressing Nicely At Paddle Board Yoga

Being A Model Is Harder Than You Think

Dear Hot Husband, Stop Acting Like You Love It

Living The Dream

Privileged People Only Travel In Style

Waking Up Feeling Sexy

You Guys Make Me Want To Hang My Head Out A Window And Scream 'Im Better Than Everyone!

Real Love Is Perfect, Flawless, Acrobatic, Stylised, Timed And Photogenic


F**k You Gravity

Pull Your Hair. Put On A Full Length Jacket (If Budget Allows) And Fall In The Water

Us Aussies Know How To Keep It Nice. Am I Right?

Put On A Gimp And Iron Man Mask And Lie In The Sand

Hiking And Twerking, Obviously

Selfie Game Strong

Only One Ass Could Fit In The Bottom Pic

Dude It's Wednesday, Chill

When One Straw Is Never Enough

Gooood Morning Saturday!

Don't You Hate It When Your Doing Your Nails In And You Get A Cramp?

Hitting The Shops Hard

Put Your Swimmers On. Get A Chicken. And Take A Photo

I Bet Kylie Jenner Is Gutted

I Think This Makes Me 'Brave'

Accessorise Ladies, No Matter What Your Budget

Bums. Balls. Boobs.


Hygiene Is Big Business

Remember To Believe In Your Dreams

This Is A Photo I'm Recreating Of Kourtney Kardashian. I'm Pretty Sure We Are Promoting Strength And Women's Empowerment. Not Just Sex, As I Originally Thought

I Like To Drink Wine Then Pretend We Are Cats

Ah, The Pressures Of School Drop Off

Rock. Thong. Sand. Photographer. Yoga

Where The Hell Is My Uber?

Forgetting To Take My Makeup Off Before Going To Bed In My Million Dollar Mansion Is So Embarrassing That I Need To Document It With A Selfie

I'm So Relaxed You Guys. And Smart. Totally Smart


Note To Self - Try To Bend Oneself Into A Pretzel Before Devouring Butter Chicken

Relaxing And Being Sexy Is The Easiest Thing In The World

Happy Birthday Kourtne Kardashian! May Your Day Be Filled With Post Workout Selfies And Tutorials On How To Eat A Kitkat

I Love My Glam Squad

I Keep Falling Over

Matching Overpriced Lingerie. Love In Your Heart. Absurd Amount Of Cash In Back Pocket. Kiss Selfie To Show You Care

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