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A Fun Selection of Random Facts That Will Improve Your General Knowledge (45 pics)

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Kit Kats became so popular in Japan because of a literal translation of “kitto katsu”, which means “Surely win” and lead to the implication of the bar giving good luck (making it a popular snack, especially before exams.)

When one single anti Kim Jong Il graffiti was found in Pyongyang, they locked down the entire city for three days.

In 2003, Juan Catalan was cleared of murder charges, after outtake footage shot for “The Car Pool Lane” episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm showed him and his daughter attending the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves baseball game some 20 miles from the crime scene at the time of the murder.

One of the first things free blacks could grow, eat, and sell were watermelons. It became a symbol of freedom that was corrupted into a negative stereotype by southern whites and still persists today

Running back Joe Delaney died attempting to save three children from drowning. Despite being unable to swim, Delaney told a bystander there: ‘I’ve got to save those kids. If I don’t come up, get somebody,’ before rushing into the water

Ori, who was a Dwarf member of Thorin and Company from the Hobbit, was also in the Fellowship of the Ring. He is the corpse that Gandalf takes the Book of Mazarbul from in the Mines of Moria in Balin’s

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Bongfuhrer 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#13 They were facing a Bieber concert? No wonder they decided to die out and go extinct..

#26 Da Vinci? The name of the famous man is Leonardo di ser Piero. Vinci was his birth place, not his name. Leonardo da Vinci means Leonardo from Vinci. Stop calling him Da Vinci since that is not his name.
It's like naming Barack Obama 'from Hawaii'..