A Man Sells His House, Buys A Trailer And Starts Traveling Across America With His Family (27 pics)

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Joe Hendricks is a man who decided to live his dream. This is how he's doing it in his own words and pictures:


I’ve always been the person to tell people to chase their dreams, so I decided to take my own advice

My dream is to make a living as a professional landscape photographer while travelling America and this is how I’m making it happen!

We sold our house, cars, most of our possessions and bought a 30ft Airstream that we could all live in comfortably

But when we told other people what we were doing, their eyes lit up and I could see we were doing the right thing

What most people want to know, is how do I make money on the road?

Well, I’m an established professional wedding photographer in Nashville TN and I make enough to stay out on the road and live this Airstream lifestyle of ours

I hope to eventually make all my income from landscape photography, selling prints and traveling America

But it’s going to take some time to make that transition

For now, I do what I need to pay our bills and make it happen

We’ve been permanently in the Airstream for a little over 3 months now and life has been an adventure

We’ve been permanently in the Airstream for a little over 3 months now and life has been an adventure

We spend a lot of time boondocking (camping in the middle of nowhere) and it’s one of the coolest things you can experience in an Airstream

Plus it doesn’t cost you anything

One of my favorite places so far has been Big Bend National Park in Texas

The night sky gets so dark that you can almost see every star in the sky

If you let your eyes adjust long enough, you will eventually see the milky way, that’s how dark it is

We charged our batteries every day by using our solar panels on top of the Airstream

We still had amazing internet service through our phones, so we were able to do Instagram and all that fun stuff

We hiked some amazing locations that challenged our endurance as a family hiking together

But one of the most amazing thing we did was spend time in a natural hot spring that sat on the side of the Rio Grande river

Life on the road is not for everyone

But I wish someone would have told me when I was 21 years old, that you could buy an Airstream and live in it while seeing America

So, here I am now, telling you it’s possible

If I’m doing it with my wife and 4 year old son

You can definitely do it as a younger single person looking for adventure in your life

Everyday is a new adventure

And I hope it continues for along time

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mynona 6 year s ago
and after the travel they lived in the trailer for ever, because they spend all their money. Also their child lived in a trailor for ever, because he traveld instead of going to school. (But I hope there is a happy end)




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