Do’s And Don’ts For Everyday Exercising

11 May 2016


Try using a roller first thing in the morning

If you’re at the gym often, it’s likely that you’ve seen people rolling around on the floor with foam rollers. Using these helps loosen up muscles and the connective tissue around your muscles and organs, which gives you a wider range of motion. Using these in the morning can help set up your day.


Try not to static-stretch before a workout

Static stretching before a workout can actually hinder performance by reducing strength and endurance. Instead, try a dynamic warm up with plenty of movement, such as jogging at an easy pace for 5-10 minutes.


Stretch after your workout

While static stretching isn’t recommended before a workout, it is very useful after. Stretching after exercise just once a week will help you maintain your current level of flexibility, and doing it 3-5 times a week can even improve it.


Move around during the day

There are plenty of studies that show how detrimental sitting all day at a desk can be, so make sure to move around as much as possible. Slumping in your seat for prolonged periods makes you more likely to get conditions like heart disease, breast cancer, and colon cancer. But standing more frequently can also help you have a better workout. It’s recommended that you get up and walk around about every 15 minutes.


Stretch when you get home

Sitting at a desk all day can make your muscles tight all over, especially those in your hips, back, and chest. Reavy recommends combatting that tightness by stretching your hip flexors, back, and inner thighs, at the very least.


Workout later in the evening

A vigorous workout about an hour and a half before bedtime can lead to better and deeper sleep. Plus, your muscles and joints are more flexible later in the day, so you’re less likely to get hurt, and lung function peaks in the evening, too, helping you breeze through a hard workout.


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