How To Trick People Into Thinking That You Can Cook (16 pics + 4 gifs)

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These easy and neat cooking tips will help you to upgrade your culinary skills dramatically.


Cornstarch in scrambled eggs makes them extra creamy and fluffy. Plus, adding the ingredient will allow your eggs to cook in 15 seconds.

For more tolerable raw onions, soak them in cold water before using. It will reduce the pungency by drawing out the sulfates.

Baking soda neutralizes tannins, so adding a pinch when making iced tea will reduce the bitterness.

Baking soda also helps with tenderizing meat because it makes the meat more resistant to stiffening while cooking. However, it leaves a strong taste, so be careful with how much and how long you use it. Add lemon or lime juice to offset the taste.

Also with the cake, and any other baked goods, adding even just a half teaspoon dramatically enhances the flavor of the other ingredients and spices.

To get a really crisp cut of meat, salt, rinse, dry and sear on high heat. These three steps remove the moisture form the outer surface of the meat, making the crust crunchy. Here’s a full breakdown of how to make your meat top-notch.

Add a spoonful of mustard to mac and cheese to give it a nice kick.

Also, a spoonful of peanut butter added to stew will make it nice and thick.

Boiling potatoes? Noodles? Rice? Always use stock instead of water, it will improve flavor and richness.

Use cold ingredients to make buttery and flaky pastries. Cold flour and sugar will prevent the butter from melting before going into the oven, and cold water will help harden the dough.

Kosher salt and sea salt always beat out table salt. The larger crystals give a much better flavor in meats, and since they’re both flakier than table salt they’re easier to control.

Alcohol makes everything better, even pie crust. Add a little vodka to the dough to make it extra flaky. Don’t worry, the alcohol will cook off, so it won’t taste like a vodka-infused gummy bear.

If you want thicker chili, simply add crushed tortilla chips.

Add a dash of salt and cinnamon to your coffee grounds before brewing. The salt will cut the bitterness while bringing out flavor, and the cinnamon is just delicious.

Keep your knives sharp by cleaning and storing them the right way. Don’t put them in a dishwasher, clean them by hand. It’s also better to use a wooden cutting board because it damages the knife’s edge the least. Keep them in a wood block so they don’t dull.

Warming or cooling the temperature of the plates you serve the food on is a really nice upgrade to the eating experience. Nobody likes it when your hot food cools immediately after serving it, right? Warm up the plates in the oven at 200 degrees for 5 minutes and cool them by putting them in the fridge for up to 20 minutes.

Make sure all of your grilled cheese ingredients are at room temperature before cooking. The butter will spread easier, the cheese will melt more evenly your bread won’t burn.

Breadcrumbs help burgers hold their shape and they also add just a tiny little crunch.

Tenderize your meat with the velveting method. Coating the meat in cornstarch and egg whites will give it a really silky texture that’s not too tough or dry. Plus, preserving moisture on the outside of the meat keeps the temperature down and reduces the chances of burning.

Want to be a cake-baking expert without a recipe? It’s easy if you make the weight of the sugar equal to the flour, and the eggs equal to the fat. Remember, that’s in weight, not volume. For the eggs and the fat, the ratio doesn’t need to be exact, just within a 20% difference. Read more about it here.




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