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This Mom's Body Is In Amazingly Great Shape Just 7 Days After Giving The Birth To Her Second Baby (15 pics)

Posted in Girls   30 May 2016   / 6376 views

Sia Cooper, 26, from Florida is a fitness blogger who has amassed 100k followers on Instagram thanks to her quick workout tutorials. She does it for future-to-be moms or for those women who have already given birth and want to maintain health and fitness before, during and after pregnancy.

When Sia was young she suffered from bulimia. She tried to overcome this but it wasn't easy and going through fashion magazines didn't help a bit. She then started to read magazines such as Muscle & Fitness Hers, Health, and Shape and understood that strong was beautiful-not skinny. She said: "...so I decided to transform into the healthiest version of myself. I quit binging and purging, traded fast food for organic foods, and learned how to lift a dumbbell." Thanks to her experience she tries to inspire and help other women who have similar problems and those who just want to be healthy, fit and in shape.

There are photos of her when she was pregnant with her first baby and the second one and the difference of her belly size during the same time of two pregnancies. The result is amazing. She believes that there are no excuses for not doing any workouts when you're a pregnant and already have a baby/toddler. Thanks to her videos she shows how any new mom can achieve this.

"No makeup. No filters. No photoshop. Just sleepy ole me. While some may say I snapped back rather quickly, my body is still very soft, but I absolutely am loving my postpartum body because it grew and birthed a human being! How cool is that? Muscle memory is also an amazing thing and proof that hard work really does pay off during pregnancy-even when you're feeling as big as a house. I have a long way to go, but I'll get there. I've been focusing on a clean postpartum diet, but also taking in an insane number of calories to nurse a toddler and a newborn. I have to admit that I miss my pregnant belly so much. There are no words to describe those little kicks on the inside and I cannot believe that my daughter is already 6 days old. But to have her here on the outside has been such a sweet experience."

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