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Those Little Annoying Things That May Drive You Nuts (24 pics + 4 gifs)

Posted in Funny » Humor   30 May 2016   / 3876 views

When self-serve checkouts hit you with “unexpected item in the bagging area” on every third item you scan.

When you struggle with push and pull doors for ages.

And struggling with uneven table legs even though you shoved a bunch of paper underneath to stabilise it.

Feeling a little rock inside your shoe but not being able to find it.

When it’s raining and you realise way too late that your shoe has a hole in it.

Attempting to put a USB into a port the right way.

Having to rewrite a captcha every time a page refreshes.

Or worse yet, not being able to read or make out the captcha.

Having to use rough paper towels to blow your nose because you’ve run out of tissues.

Whenever you try to clean your glasses but all you do is spread grease and dirt around.

When the strings on your hoodie are uneven and one keeps slipping back inside.

Having a hangnail that you keep forgetting to cut that keeps getting caught on things.

When you have a hair in your mouth that you can’t remove no matter what you do.

When a popcorn shell gets stuck in your teeth or gums, or anywhere in your mouth really.

When you’re really comfortable and someone comes into your room and leaves the door slightly open.


When you flip your pillow over in the middle of the night, and the fresh side is also hot.

When the water pressure in the shower just isn’t strong enough to effectively rinse out your shampoo.

When you press your level on the elevator and only realise it hadn’t registered when the elevator goes past your floor.

When you try to cut food with plastic cutlery.

Reheating a meal for ages, but the centre is still ice cold.

When you shake your tomato sauce to prevent the ketchup pre-cum from landing on your plate, but it still does.

When you burn your mouth on hot food and you have that constant feeling of peeling skin on the roof of your mouth.

When your spoon falls inside your soup bowl. Constantly.

When the batteries in your remote are nearly dead so you have to press everything really hard for it to work.

When you hole-punch something too close to the edge of the paper and it tears.

Trying to find the part of the sticky tape roll where you last left it.

When your paperclips are overstretched and won’t hold together a couple of papers anymore.

And when you open a packet the way it was meant to be opened and it still doesn’t work.

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