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Mother Of Dragons Shows Her Fun Side On Instagram (18 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs   8 Jun 2016   / 5675 views

Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen on “Game of Thrones” posts some great and fun pics on her Instagram. I bet all of her fans will enjoy them.

When this was her introduction to the world of Instagram:

When she pranked her leading man:

When she found a new HQ for herself:

When she casually hung out with Gosling on the set of Game of Thrones:

When she celebrated Jon Snow’s fate with all of us:

When she found this menu and was alarmed for the sake of her dragons:

When she captioned this “I made an incredibly life like blow up dog” and you couldn’t unsee it:

When she posed with Alfie Allen and had the best hashtag:

When she knew she had forgotten something:

When she was all glammed up but needed a helping hand:

When she had this reaction to Kristen Wiig dressed up as Daenerys on Jimmy Fallon:

When she was just stoked to be repping this jumper:

When she found her biggest “fan”:

When she celebrated 1 million followers like this:

When she was just casually rocking out to Metallica:

When she had this fangirl moment:

When her New Year’s resolutions were pretty damn relatable:

And when she decided this is the shot she wanted with one of the Game of Thrones Emmys:

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