Bongfuhrer 5 year s ago
And there's several conspiracy theories about a dude in the sky which made everything. And the followers of this dude claims that if you don't do as these followers says you will burn in the afterlife, or punished in other ways..

People are stupid..
ZombieDarwin 5 year s ago
Yes. Only you have been able to rip the veil back and peer into the Stygian darkness, reporting back to us mere mortals your incredible insights, tearing the tissue of lies that have held back humanity for eons!!!! Only you have been special enough to glimpse this overbearing truth!!! Go! Go, you captain of tomorrow! Go forth unto the world and humble those who would obstruct the arc of human history! Your work is far too important for us to hold you back!

*The above is mockery. I feel the need to explain that to people who are sooooooooo much smarter than religionists.

And, once again, I must correct your grammar. It's not "a dude in the sky which". The correct usage is "a dude in the sky who".

But it's religionists who are the idiots!
Bongfuhrer 5 year s ago
Well, I admit that my english grammar is not perfect (it's not my first language). Thanks for correcting me.
Now I'm looking forward to see you write norwegian perfect. ;)

And as an answer to the blah blah blah. There's something called logic. Religious people don't got too much of it..
ZombieDarwin 5 year s ago
Well, I have a crazy idea: why don't you post in Norwegian? That way, nobody who agrees with you will mind, and nobody who matters will mind. See? Mind over matter!

And why don't you show me that "logic" that you've answered me with? I asked you a question many moons ago, and you have yet to answer it. As a matter of fact, I don't recall you ever even trying to answer it.

Huh. This religionist just kicked your little atheist butt without even breaking a sweat. Would you like round two, sweetheart, or would you like to quit while you're behind?
Bongfuhrer 5 year s ago
Well, since this site is in english, I find it proper to write in english aswell. I think it would be easier for you just to choose to not read my comments..

And if it's so that I have to show you the logic, it just proves my point; religiuos people don't got too much of it..

Sorry to say, I haven't seen the question you asked me "moons" ago (btw, shouldn't that be months?). I don't visit the site every day.

And as for the "religiuos kicked my little atheist butt" part? Yeah, right..
Chickenthief 5 year s ago
And some will claim that WWF is fake?
tedimental 5 year s ago
there's a conspiracy theory, that media makes up fake conspiracy theories, so they can post topics, how laughable and stupid some conspiracy theories are.
You Won’t Believe But These Insane Conspiracy Theories Do Have Believers