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If You Are A Life Guard This Will Definitely Make You Laugh (30 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   7 Jul 2016   / 7523 views

When you’ve said “NO RUNNING” more times than you’ve said your own name:

When you pray for rain:

When you’ve been branded:

When it’s not exactly as glamorous as TV makes it seem:

When you are astounded by what some patrons will do:

When keeping kids alive is 98% of your job:

When someone asks you to turn up the temperature in the main pool:

When the break room fridge is fully stocked:

When the veteran patrons get a little too comfortable:

When you’ve got to earn your keep:

When you’ve got to make your own fun:

When no amount of showering can rinse the chemicals off your skin:

When there’s 10 minutes to close and a patron hops into the lap pool:

When the creeps have no idea what’s about to hit them:

When a traditional 9-to-5 seems like a vacation:

When kids are practicing the Dead Man Float and you’re ready to jump:

When more sun means more patrons:

When you’re already in the chair and you can barely see:

When patrons don’t understand what 30 minutes means:

When people are like, “You’re a lifeguard? You’re going to have the best tan!”:

When you’re wishing the hours away:

When a kid has an accident in the pool and you make minimum wage:

When the parents of the birthday party don’t offer you the leftover pizza:

When you get bored during training:

When it’s the 4th of July:

When a thunderstorm makes your whole day:

When a kid skins his knee on the deck after you warned him to slow down 30 times:

When you can’t hide from the sun:

When you try to save someone and they say they weren’t drowning:

And when people think your job is just lounging in the sun all day:

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