Amazing Kids Who Make The World A Better Place (40 pics)

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8-Year-Old Noah Completes Mini-Triathlon With His Disabled Brother Lucas

Heroic Boy Risks His Life To Save A Drowning Baby Deer From Floodwaters In Bangladesh

My Son Wanted To Use The $120 He Saved This Year To Help The Homeless. He Made Them Lunches

9-Year-Old Boy Created A No-Kill Animal Shelter In His Garage

This 8-Year-Old Boy Was Bullied For 2 Years While Growing His Hair Long To Make Wigs For Kids With Cancer

Kid Helps Bunny Climb Sculpture

Baby Trying To Dry The Tears Of A Japanese Politician

My 3-Year-Old Daughter Saw A Little Girl Without Hair And Asked Why She Was Bald. I Explained She Was Sick And The Medicine Made Her Hair Fall Out. "Oh. She Can Have Some Of My Hair," She Said

9-Year-Old Josef Miles Filled His Mom With Pride When He Made An Impromptu Protest Of Westboro Baptist Church, Kansas

A Girl Uses Her Umbrella To Protect A Stray Dog During Monsoon Rains In Mumbai

13-Year-Old Boy Saved His Baseball Coach's Life By Administering CPR And Calling 911

These Kids In Canada Tied Coats To Street Poles To Help Homeless Prepare For Winter

Kids Do What They Feel. These Two Strangers Just Hugged In A Fast Food Restaurant

This Boy Offering A Bottle Of Water To A Policeman During A Hot Day In Baltimore

This Young Filipino Girl Trying To Keep Her Puppy Safe During A Flood

My Son Said There's Some Kids In His Class That Don't Eat Their Lunch. "How Come?" "Cause They Don't Have One, Mommy. Can I Bring Them Some Of Mine?" Totally His Idea, And He Helped Pack It, Too

8-Year-Old Boy Won $1000 Scavenger Hunt And Donated His Winning To His Little Neighbor That Was Battling Leukemia

9-Year-Old Boy Saves His Summer Allowance Money To Buy And Donate Books To Local Jail

Children Practice Their Reading Skills To Calm Shy Shelter Dogs

My Daughter Asked Me If She Could Sell Her Stuffed Animals And Donate The Money To Our Local Spca

Little Girl Surprises Her Favorite Garbage Man With Birthday Cupcake

Homeless Boy Does His Homework Using The Light From A Local Mcdonald’s

17-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Carried His Puppy 500km To Greece

2-Year-Old Triplets Become Best Friends With Their Garbage Collectors

9-Year-Old Girl Builds Shelters For The Homeless And Grows Food For Them, Too

It's Been Almost A Year Since We Took In The Neighborhood Stray And My Son Still Insists On Tucking Him In When He Naps "So He Knows That He Lives At Our House And Will Come Back."

6-Year-Old Rescues 8 Ducklings From Drain Pipe

Little Boy Plays Video Games With His Friend Who's Stuck In Quarantine At The Hospital

5-Year-Old Girl Saved Her Mother Having A Seizure In A Swimming Pool

This 8-Year-Old Boy Is Raising Money Online And Making Sure No Kid Is Denied A Hot Lunch

These Two Toddlers Who Had Never Met Before, But Decided To Hug It Out In The Middle Of An Airport Terminal

Carlitos Saved Up His Own Money To Buy The Shelter Dogs Peanut Butter

Walked In On My Little Cousins

After His Treatment And Recovery Rrom The Stomach Flu, Six-Year-Old Jake And His Family Brewed Iced Tea And Baked Cookies, Which They Sold At His Father’s Business Asking For Donations Only. They Raised $275, Which Jake Used To Purchase 1,800 Coloring Books To Give To Other Children Who Are Treated At The Hospital

My-12-Year-Old Son Ran A Cake Stall To Raise Money For Cancer Research. He Raised £79

7-Year-Old Boy Spotted A Fire, Woke Up His Dad And Saved The House

My Wife Told My Daughter That The Kitty Was Hurt (Arthritis) And To Be Careful With Her. Daughter: "Ok I'll Read To Her"

She Found Out Our Dog Had To Get Shots, So Wile We Were Waiting In The Parking Lot Of The Vet Our Daughter Hugged Her And Told Her That Shots Hurt But It Will All Be Okay And That She Will Take The Dog To The Toy Store If She Was A Good Girl

Bagged Lunches Prepped & Presented To DPD's 11th District By 9-Year-Old Girl Who Used Her B-Day Cash To Do So

My 13-Year-Old Daughter Makes Me Sandwiches To Take To Work. I Didn't Even Ask. She Offered




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