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Different Ways People Try To Profit From The Pokémon Go Craze (29 pics)

Posted in Random » Interesting   25 Jul 2016   / 4022 views

He Came Up With This To Help People Be Seen At Night While Playing Pokemon Go

Animal Shelter Asked Pokémon Go Players To Walk Their Dogs

Zookeeper Can’t Take It Anymore, Decides To Add Pokemon Go Signs Next To Animals

Girl In My Hometown Taking Advantage Of Having A Pokestop By Her Home

We Built A Pokestop Lemonade Stand To Raise Money For Children With Cancer

Tennessee's Highway Safety Office Just Posted This Image

The Best Sales Tactic

Wholly Cow In Delafield Is Working To Use Pokemon Go To Gain Customers

The World Is Changing

You Can Have A Pic With Jigglypuff Now

Beer And Pokemon. What Else Do You Need?

The New Tip Jar Battle At My Local Cafe...

Pokemon Go Taxi - New Service

Bakery In Toronto Canada Knows How It's Done

Workplace Advertising At Its Finest!

Drew This Up At Work Today. I'm A God Damn Picasso

Even The Pretzel Place In My Mall Is Getting In On The Pokemon Go Craze! (free Pretzel!)

Decided To Make A Pokemon Go Cart At Work Today!

Go Team Mystic!

Catch Em All They Said

My Local Indie Clothing Store Is A Pokéstop; They're Getting In The Spirit!

Saw This Pokemongo Sign Outside Of A Church In Staines. Thought It Was Adorable

The Pizza Place That I Work At Just Put Up This Sign

Local Coffee Shop Had A Really Neat Idea To Incentivize The Game And Their Gym

Just A Local Sign Outside A Cafe

Burger Store In Germany(euskirchen) With A Pokéstop. They Also Sponsor Lure All Time.

Worthing Artist Mixes New And Old

From Outside The Restaurant Where We Ate Dinner Tonight. There Was A Pokestop Next Door With Lure Constantly Active

Girlfriend Made This For My Job. Buying Pokeballs Was Cutting Into Our Date Funds

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