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Guys Recreate Girls’ Photos And The Results Are Hilarious (46 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   29 Jul 2016   / 4966 views

These parodies are better than original pictures.

Those Water Hair Flip Photos

I Said Yes!

Shopping Would Be Like

I Posted This Pic Of Myself On Facebook. This Is The Reply From My Cousin

Just Like Kendall Jenner

When I Was A Mermaid

I Woke Up Like This

At The Gym

Man Cradling His Beer Belly Like Pregnant Mom

Dad Trolls His Daughter By Recreating Her Selfies

Fabulous Morning

Motorcycle Man Pose As Biker Babe

Countdown To Wedding Day

Tonight We Treated Our Tootsies

I Can Netflix And Chill All By Myself

So Perfect For Summer

4w Brosbeingbasiccheers To Sunday Bunday, Our Favorite Day Of The Week

Breaking The Internet

14w Brosbeingbasicomg We've Had The Best Time At Brochella

If You're Having A Tough Monday, Just Pretend You're A Mermaid

If You Can't Make It To Hawaii.....bring Hawaii To You

It's A 2 Cupcake Kinda Day!

Drinking Wine Like A Yoga Guru

The Girly Group Squat Shot

It's The Most Wonderful Gift Of The Year


But First - Selfie

Nothing Like A Luxurious Bubble Bath

Tom Lenk Julianne Moore At Met Gala

Look At My Nails

Nothing Better To Complete The Weekend Than Aerial #broga With My Besties

This Guy’s Wife Refused To Take Maternity Photos, So He Had Some Taken Of Himself Instead

4w Brosbeingbasicahhh Nothing Like An Early Morning #sweatsesh With The Squad

Tom Lenk As Katy Perry At Met Gala

Officially Ready For Summer, Betches

Follow Me To.. The Weekend

Spa Days With Spa Baes

He Asked, And I Said Yes!!!

Leaving The Gym Feel Good And Look Even Better

Feeling Thankful For Good Times With Loved Ones By The Fireplace

Sometimes You Need To Take Time To Relax

Saturday With The Boys

Always Feels Great Getting Up Early And Doing This

Waiting For Meat

Ironing My Skirt

14w Brosbeingbasici Sooooo Needed This Today. A Warm Bath Doesn't Just Warm The Body; It Warms The Soul

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