A Look At The Abandoned Olympic Venues From Around The World (54 pics)

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Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984.

One decade later, civil war broke out amid the breakup of what during the Olympics was the country of Yugoslavia.

Some of the Olympic venues were repurposed and used as military facilities.

The bobsled facility was turned into an artillery stronghold during the war.

Today the heavily graffitied course is sometimes used for BMX races.

A dog walks past the Kosevo Stadium, where the opening ceremonies were held.

And weeds grow over the walls of the Kosevo Stadium.

The abandoned ski jump at Mount Igman.

Seating is overrun with grass and weeds.

Another angle of the ski jump.

The track itself is covered in debris.

The ski jump through a broken window.

The Olympic rings on a tower above what used to be the figure skating arena.

This is what's left of the figure skating facility, Zetra Hall.

Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics in 1996. The Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium was used for baseball, but was demolished in 1997. The space was turned into 4,000 parking spaces.

The cauldron was moved from Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Stadium when the stadium was renamed Turner Field and repurposed for the Braves. The cauldron now sits idly overlooking a highway, and Turner Field will be demolished in 2017.

Beijing hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics and will host the 2022 Winter Olympics.

A sign from the area where the baseball stadium once stood.

A stray dog on a field that was once inside the baseball stadium.

A makeshift broom in what was once an Olympic "green area."

Tourists next to the rings in a former "green area" from the Olympics.

The parking lot for the cycling stadium is now used for driving tests.

A rusting sign from the kayaking facility.

A security guard with a flat tire from his bicycle at the kayaking venue.

The three empty poles in the left of the shot once flew country flags of medal-winning Olympians.

The BMX facility.

Many of their stadiums are shut out from the public, like the beach volleyball facility.

A promotional banner for beach volleyball still stands.

Panels on the outside of the beach volleyball facility are falling off.

A boat sails past the stands and observation tower from the rowing facility.

The polluted waters near the facility.

Athens went $15 billion over its budget to prepare for the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Greece shouldered the cost overruns, and many of the facilities have fallen into disuse.

The Olympic Village is abandoned.

The city planned to turn the Olympic Village into public housing.

Thousands of families applied to live there, but the whole project fell through.

Seating areas are overgrown with weeds.

And stairs and covered in rust.

The canoe and kayak facility was the first in Olympic history to be filled with saltwater rather than freshwater.

Now it's abandoned.

And dry in patches.

There's graffiti everywhere.

Beach volleyball practice courts are growing wild.

The beach volleyball venue from a distance.

Inside, it's a nightmare.

And useless.

Weeds are everywhere.

A pool at the Olympic Village is filthy.

And polluted.

Frogs have found homes, at least.

Frogs have found homes, at least.

The tracks are still used by some, but it doesn't mean they're in good shape.

The field hockey facility.

And an old podium.




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