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What Happens To The Things You’re Not Supposed To Microwave (17 pics + 4 gifs)

Posted in Random » Interesting   22 Aug 2016   / 4870 views

A lava lamp.

This is a great way to paint the inside of your microwave if you find white to be boring.


Do this to your boyfriend’s music collection when he loves it more than he loves you.

Spray paint.
“Hey, Mike, what you up to today?” “Not much, might microwave some spray paint later.” 

A watermelon.
How many watermelons do we need to sacrifice before people stop doing this one? 

Gummy bears.

I sincerely hope this person tried to drink this like soup and burned their tongue.

Chewing gum.

If making Teletubby custard was their goal, they have succeeded.

A light bulb.


This one is actually cool.

A highlighter.

This is cool, too. You still shouldn’t do it.

A marshmallow.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t do this one. Magically making food into more of the same food is amazing.

A glowstick.

“So we know that putting a glowstick in the freezer makes it dimmer. I bet sticking it in the microwave will make it super bright and definitely not explode in my face.”

An egg.


I don’t know why you’d want to shrink a packet of crisps but if you ever do, here’s how! Somehow this seems like a fitting metaphor for how few crisps are actually in a packet.

A phone.

No one should be allowed enough money to be able to afford to do this.

An iPod case.

Spoiler: Nothing exciting happens to it.

A furby.

Can’t blame this person for trying to destroy an evil species.


Furby is understandable. But what kind of monster hurts Elmo?


Does your mother know you microwave dangerous objects for fun on the internet?

A dildo.

Cool life hack if artificial gonorrhoea is your kink.

A cactus.

Maybe they were foolishly thinking of the good of the cactus by trying to achieve desert climate.

And obviously, a microwave.

It’s not meta. It’s stupid.

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