pitterpat 5 year s ago
I have several things to say about every one of these pictures. I've said them on Reddit, LiveLeak, and Facebook. Out of all of them, #53 stands out the most to me. I've traveled the same rapids of the Colorado River for over 30 years. All of them with my eyes closed. Riding rapids requires instincts beyond sight. I've felt the waves, the rocks beneath my legs and thighs. I've listened to winds and their effects over the boulders as this river has run. Through all four seasons, each rock speaks. Each year, each season, I've rode their floes and heard their words. Yet it wasn't until a blind man went online to blog his journey did the world finally listen to what my people have known... Havasupai

#57 Google will never be able to duplicate, nor replicate, the overwhelming feeling of actually being in the presence of great, natural beauty. Google can lend us maps, pictures, and directions, but they can never duplicate the magic that comes from actually living the moments in these great places, even if for a few moments. Any time of day, on any given time of year, the Canyons have their own smells and sounds depending on what wildlife is migrating. Each season brings new life to the Canyons. Each sunrise, sunset, twilight, and full moon, brings more to life than any CGI or Hollywood movie. The romance of its natural beauty makes everyone who views it, reconsider their definition of, LOVE.

Children always seem to see the positive in every situation despite the harsh and cruel realities of war. The city of Aleppo in Syria has makeshift pools made from bomb craters. The craters have collected water and made it the perfect spot for the children to play and swim in despite the war that has devastated the city.

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