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Really Weird Names Of Some Sexy Body Parts (15 pics + 1 gif)

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You know that spot right between your eyebrows, that’s what it’s called. It comes from the latin word “Gabellus” which means hairless, but that isn’t always the base. But man, when that brow get’s furrowed and there’s a little wrinkle there… cute.


Technically, we call the holes in our nose nostrils, but they’re also called nares, and naris as a singular. That fleshy place in between that everyone’s getting pierced is called a Septum. Bet you didn’t know this one.


This is the part of your eye where your top lid, meets your bottom lid. Not sure why it really needed a name, but ok.


Caruncle Just about the longest and most obscure name for the pink part of the inside of your eye. This is where tears come from, and might have been a part of a vestigial third eyelid that we evolved out of.


So maybe toes aren’t the best feature on the human body, but to some, toes are pretty sexy. So while we go around calling it the ‘Big Toe,’ it’s technically called the Hallux. Sounds like a Greek God.


Toe Speaking of toes, a Morton’s Toe is when your second toe is longer than your Hallux. Makes shoes difficult to wear, but the ancient Greeks thought that this was an ideal beauty feature. Playing footsie under the table might get more interesting.


Technically, the term Frenum describes any sort of fleshy connection that restricts motion of an organ. The most common one is the one under your tongue, but you can find it all over (Google wisely). The one under the tongue is just about the sexiest one, so we’ll go with that.


That groove between your lips and your nose, is called a Philtrum, and it’s pretty sexy.


Notch This is another one of those non-sexual body parts that are goddam sexy. That hollow at the base of the throat, there’s something about it. Love it!


These are your armpits; a fancy, less sexy name for your armpit, but hey, some people are totally into that, and we’re not judging.


Though not a body part, per se, but when you cup your hands together like so, the resulting space is called a Gowpen. You can use that word to win some bets.


Snuff Box Pictures of hands are boring, but bear with me on this one. The Anatomical Snuff Box is the triangular dip on your hand when you spread your thumb out. In olden days, they used to sniff snuff out of that hollow on their hands. Imagine what it could be used for now.


The Tragus is the front triangle of cartilage on your ear, that you can use to block your ear, or to pierce. Other than that, doctors aren’t sure of it’s function or purpose.

The Dimples of Venus

Not everyone has these, but they’re the sexiest part of a back. That sad part is that they might be genetic, so no amount of deadlifts and squats and diets, will make them appear. There’s also a rumour that those with the Dimples of Venus, have better orgasms. Anyone want to prove that theory?

Levator Labii Superioris Alaeque Nasi

This is the Elvis muscle, for lack of a better term, but hell, is it one hell of a term. This is what’s responsible for a sneer or a sexy curl of the lip. Yikes!

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