Everyday Items That Can Be Used In Unusually Brilliant Ways (40 pics)

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Use LEGO As A Cable Or Key Holder

Pop A Stocking Over The Head Of Your Vacuum Cleaner To Find Small, Missing Items

Use Your Car Spoiler As A Picnic Table

You Can Turn An Old Rake Into A Wineglass Holder

You Can Turn An Old Boat Into A Bed

Use Clothespin To Hammer A Nail Safely

You Can Use A Tennis Ball As An Item Holder

You Can Turn Wine Bottles Into Chandeliers

Open Sealed Plastic Packaging With A Can Opener

Use CD Holder To Hold Your Bagel Sandwich

Use Frozen Grapes To Chill Your Wine And Stop It From Being Diluted

You Can Turn Your Old Seatbelts Into A Key Holder

You Can Turn An Old Ladder Into A Bookshelf

You Can Turn The Crib Into A Table When Children Grow Of It

You Can Use Bottle Caps To Seal Plastic Bags

Use Toilet Paper Rolls To Organize Cables

Fill Any Container That Doesn't Fit In The Sink With A Dustpan

Save Space And Hang More T-Shirts This Way!

You Can Turn Your Old Suitcase Into A Chair

You Can Use A Pop Tab As A Photo Frame Hanger

You Can Turn Plastic Bottles Into Cute Planters

Keep Your Wrapping Paper Tidy With Toilet Paper Rolls Which Will Keep Them From Unravelling

Fill Your Water Bottle Half Way, Freeze It On It's Side And Then Fill The Other Half With Water. It Will Keep Your Water Cold For Hours

You Can Rub A Walnut On Damaged Wooden Furniture To Cover Up Dings

Use Your Pants Hanger As A Cookbook Holder

You Can Make A Key Holder From LEGO

You Can Use Wine Corks For Planting Succulents Into Them

Use A Paper Clip To Help Put On A Bracelet When You Don't Have Anyone Around To Help You

Use Bees Wax To Waterproof Your Shoes

Use Your Muffin Tin For Barbeque Condiments

Use Your Tic Tac Box As A Bobby Pin Holder

Use A Straw To Remove Stems From The Strawberries

You Can Turn Your Redundand Chairs Into A Shelf/Closet Unit

Use A Hanging Shoe Rack To Store Cleaning Supplies And Keep Them Away From Children

You Can Convert An Old Piano Into A Fountain

Use A Post-It Note To Catch The Dust From Drilling

Finish Your Empty Nutella Jar With Ice Cream

You Can Turn Your Old Table Into A Dog Bed

You Can Use Your Sanitary Napkin Package To Keep Your Money Safe From Pickpockets

You Can Turn An Old Ladder Into A Bookshelf


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