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Look At How These Rebellious Teens From 2000s Have Changed (13 pics)

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That’s why parents shouldn’t worry about all this, it’s just a phase.


I used all those cheap accessories and thought they were cool. Now I’m a mother and a wife, and I work as a moderator.
I used to be an emo, then I became a goth, then I went back to being an emo. Now I’m 27, have a family, my own home, and work as a lab assistant.
I used to love standing out. Now I devote all of my time to my son.
I used to love experimenting with my appearance. Today I’m studying to be a designer; I’ve become more serious.
I could never work out which group of people I belonged to, so I just mixed them all together. Now I’m studying to be an architect.
I hitchhiked halfway around the world, and now I work for a tourist agency.
I used to spend all my time hanging out with my friends. Now I work in a bank, have a girlfriend, and I’m building my own house.
My younger self would call my life today boring, but now I have a husband, son, a job in the supermarket, and I’m happy.
I had plenty of friends and was always having fun. Today, I still have all this, but now I also like to travel and play sport.
I used to be covered in friendship bracelets and was learning taekwondo. Now I have a black belt and my own pupils.
In the first photo, my girlfriend and I had only just started dating. Now, I think, we look a lot better than at that time.
I used to listen to rock and punk rock; I just loved to stand out. But now I work for a language school — I’m too old for all of that stuff.
I was studying to be a designer, and I listened to Brand New, Death Cab, and Blink. Now, I am a designer, I still listen to Brand New, Death Cab, and Blink, and I’m a father.

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Haikiri 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
interesting how some of them improved and some deteriorate.
piky 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
a bunch of posers