Easy Science Experiments To Do With Your Kids That Will Make Their Childhood Amazing (16 pics)

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Hard liquid

You will need:

- Starch
- Water
- A plastic container
- Food coloring, a wooden board, a hammer, and some nails for additional experimentation

Mix the water and the starch together in the container until the mixture turns viscous in its consistency. You’ll end up with what’s called a "non-Newtonian fluid." You can stick your fingers into it, but if you rap the surface of it with a fist you’ll feel that it’s actually hard. Place the wooden board on the liquid’s surface, and you’ll be able to drive a nail into it with ease as if it were solid. Yet dipping one corner of the board will lead it to sink to the bottom. To make the experiment more fun, you can add in some food coloring.


Watch the video here.

Homemade kinetic sand

You will need:

- 4 teaspoons of boric acid
- 2 teaspoons of ordinary paper glue
- 1 teaspoon of coloring
- 100 g of chinchilla bathing sand
- A glass bowl

Pour all the liquid components into a bowl, add the sand, and thoroughly mix them together. Done!

Watch the video here.

Making a Pharoah snake

You will need:

- Sand
- Alcoholic spirit
- Soda
- Sugar
- Matches
- A plate for the “snake“

Sprinkle the sand onto the plate, and saturate it with the alcoholic spirit. Mix the sugar and soda together, and add them over the top. Light it using a match. The ”snake" will grow in an instant!

Watch the video here.

Making an electric train with some wire and a battery

You will need:

- A skein of thick copper wire (the bigger it is, the longer your “train tunnel“ will be)
- 1 AA battery
- 2 round neodymium magnets of the same diameter as the battery
- An ordinary pen

Coil the wire around your pen so that it forms a long spring. Attach the magnets to both ends of the battery. Launch your ”train." It will move all by itself!

Watch the video here.

A seesaw made from a burning candle

You will need:

- A candle
- A thick needle
- A cigarette lighter
- 2 wine glasses
- A knife
- Flat-nose pliers

Cut off about 1.5 cm from the bottom end of the candle in order to expose the wick. Grasp the needle using the pliers, heat it up using the lighter, and then drive it into the middle of the candle. Place it on the edge of the 2 glasses, and light the candle from both ends. Rock it slightly, and the candle will begin to move by itself.

Watch the video here.

A rainbow made from paper towels

You will need:

- Various food colorings
- Paper towels
- 5 glasses
- Water

Place the glasses in a row, and pour water into the 1st, 3rd, and 5th. In the 1st and 5th, add a few drops of red food coloring; in the 3rd add yellow; in the 5th, once again, add dark blue. Fold 4 paper towels 4 times, so that you end up with long strips, and then fold them in half. Place the ends in different glasses: one between the 1st and 2nd glass, another between the 2nd and 3rd glass, and so on. In a few hours, you’ll have a rainbow!

Watch the video here.

Toothpaste for an elephant

You will need:

- 3/4 of a glass of water
- 1 teaspoon of potassium permanganate
- 1 tablespoon of liquid soap
- Hydrogen peroxide
- A glass bottle
- Some single-use rubber gloves

Dissolve the potassium permanganate in water, add the liquid soap, and then transfer the mixture to the glass bottle. Carefully but quickly pour in the hydrogen peroxide. The rapidly rising foam will spill out over the top of the bottle. It’s like toothpaste but for an elephant!

Watch the video here.

A very slow-moving ball

You will need:

- A steel ball
- A spherical container made from clear plastic that splits into 2 halves
- Liquid honey

Place the steel ball inside the container, pour in the honey, and seal the ball. Set it rolling on a sloped surface, and watch what happens!

Smoke rings

You will need:

- A plastic bottle (0.5 l)
- A balloonAn incense stick
- A cigarette lighter
- Scissors

Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle, and cut the balloon in half. Stretch the larger half of the balloon over the hole in the bottle. Light and place the incense stick in the bottle, and cover the opening with your hand while it fills up with smoke. You can now produce smoke rings by tapping sharply on the balloon covering the bottom of the bottle.

Self-inflating balloons

You will need:

- 4 plastic bottles
- Vinegar
- 3 tablespoons of soda
- 3 balloons
- Liquid food coloring

Cut off the upper part of one plastic bottle, then stretch the balloon over the neck of the removed part. Using it as a funnel, sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda into the balloon. Carefully remove it, and do the same with the other balloons. Pour some vinegar into the remaining bottles, and add a few drops of food coloring. Now carefully stretch the balloons over each of the bottles’ necks, taking care not to spill the baking soda inside them. Then just lift up the balloons with your hands so that the baking soda drops down into the vinegar. The soda will react with the vinegar, and the balloons will inflate by themselves.

A vinegar and soda-fuelled rocket

You will need:

- A plastic bottle (2 l)
- 3 ordinary pencils
- 2 tablespoons of soda
- 200 ml of vinegar (9%)
- Wide sticky tape
- A cork from a wine bottle
- Paper towels

Make sure beforehand that the cork fits tightly into the neck of the bottle. Using the sticky tape, attach the pencils to the top part of the bottle in a way that makes it possible to hold the bottle upright upside down on them like “legs.“ Pour the vinegar into it. Carefully wrap up the baking soda inside a paper towel, and twist together its ends. Having gone out onto the street, drop the parcel of baking soda into the bottle and place the cork into the neck. One end of the paper towel should be pressed against the neck by the cork. Turn the bottle upside down, placing it on its ”legs" (the pencils) on the ground, and run away! You should observe the “lift-off” from no less than 15-20 meters away.

Cubic soap bubbles

You will need:

- 100 ml of glycerin
- 200 ml of liquid dish soap
- 12 cocktail straws for the cube, and 1 more for blowing the bubbles
- Pipe cleaners (6 pieces each around 30 cm long)
- A large plastic container filled with water

Add the dish soap to the water, and stir it. Gradually pour in the glycerin, and stir again. Cut the straws and the pipe cleaners in half. Twist the pipe cleaner pieces 3 times at each tip, and bend/straighten them out as required so that they form right-angled pieces. Pass a straw piece over each piece of pipe cleaner, and twist the still-exposed ends of 4 pieces to form a cube. Lower the cube into the soapy liquid. Once it’s fully submerged, carefully remove it — there will now be soapy film stretched across each plane. If one side is bent in a certain direction, the opposite sides of the "bubble" will stick together. If you drive a straw into the center of the cube with a small round soap bubble on one end, it will soon take on a square shape as well.

A trick with colored water and a candle

You will need:

- A candleA bowl
- A clear glass container
- Colored water

Place the candle in the bowl with the colored water, light it, and cover it with the glass container. Soon, the candle will go out, and the container will drag in all the water.

The magic rainbow trick

You will need:

- A plastic file
- 2 sheets of copy paper
- A black alcohol-based felt tip pen
- Highlighter pens

Draw a rainbow and some clouds using the marker, and color them in. Place the piece of paper with the drawing inside the plastic file, and trace over the top of it with the marker directly onto the plastic file. Now insert the second, blank piece of paper over the top. All your child has to do is slide the top piece of paper in and out of the file, and the rainbow will go from black and white to colorful.

How to make a chameleon

You will need:

- 2 single-use paper plates
- A metallic button snap from a piece of clothing
- Paint
- Paintbrushes
- Scissors
- A pencil

Get your child to paint one of the plates in any colors they wish, while you draw the silhouette of a chameleon on the second one. Cut out the silhouette. Join your 2 plates together using the button snap. Now your child can rotate the plates and the chameleon will change color!

A rainbow made from Skittles

You will need:

- A large flat plate
- A packet of Skittles
- Water

Place the candy in a circle around the circumference of the plate, then pour a little water into the center. Get ready to see a rainbow!

Credits:  brightside.me

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