Then And Now Photos Of Dogs And Their Owners Growing Up Together (50 pics)

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The First And Last Night With My Pup. Rest In Peace

15 Years Later Still Best Friends

Vitalijus And Rex 7 Years Apart

Guy Recreates Photo With His Dog 15 Years Later To Say Goodbye

3 Years Of Friendship

Someone Dear To Me Passed Away Today. This Is My Best Friend Genevieve, On The First Day We Met, And The Last Day

True Love, 13 Years Later

My Dog And I, 1998 And 2012

Before And After

11 Years Makes A Big Difference

Best Friends Since 1997

This Is Brandy And I On Her First Birthday, And 14 Years Later On Her Fifteenth

The Day We Got Our Puppy, And 11 Years Later

And In Between, 13 Years Of The Best Dog A Kid Could Ever Have

First 9 Months Together

My Dog Midas And Myself After A Decade Together

I Had To Put My First Dog Down After 14 Years Of Wonderful Companionship, Rip Docker

My Best Friend For The Past 15 Years

My 15 Year Friendship! Meet Monty

My Lifelong Companion And Friend, 2001 And 2014

My Best Friend And Me 10 Years Ago And Now

Me And My Weenie 13 Years Apart

First Picture To Your Last. You’ve Taught Me So Much, Zoey

A Girl And Her Dog

This Is My Old Dog Lucy. She Passed Away At 16

The Day We Said Hello And The Day We Said Goodbye

Aaron And Skye, 14 Years Later

Dylan Was About 14 Months Old And Kobe Was About 9 Weeks In The First Picture. Now Dylan Is 12 And Kobe Is 11

20 Years Later And Still Goin Strong

Suggested I Drop This Here. Meet Sasha And I, Then And Now

My 16th Birthday Present. I'm 31 Now

From The First Day To The Last, We Were Bestfriends. I'll Miss You Mikie

Sixteen Years Later

We Recreated Our Favourite Photo With Our Dog Of 16 Years Before Putting It To Sleep

Been With Her For 13 Years Now, Not Much Has Changed

18 Long Years We Spent Together & You’ll Always Be My Best Friend

15 Years Of Friendship (and Counting)

My Dog's Last Mark On The World. Rip Chica

13 Incredible Years With This Guy

7 Years Of Best Friends

Me And My Dog 15 Years Later

What A Nine Year Friendship Looks Like

Still My Favorite Christmas Present - My Best Friend For 13 Years

Dog And Little Brother 13 Years Then And Now

Me And My Pup 14 Years Later

Me And Jester, Then And Now

My Very First And Very Last Day With My Dog, Coco

Celebrating A Decade With This Old Pup

On The First Day Together, And On The Last. He Was A Real Homie

14 Years Later And We're Still Best Friends



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