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Parents Who Use A Humorous Approach To Handle Their Misbehaving Kids (32 pics)

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Clever Motherhood

The Ungrounded Game

So Yesterday I Yelled "Fuck You" At My Parents And Today They Gave Me This

You'll Find The Key Hidden In Your Room. Better Get Cleaning

Father Leaves His Messy Teens The Perfect Threatening Note

Fake Tooth Fairy Letter

Mom Catches Daughter Cyber-Bullying

My Daughter Is Currently Pulling A D- In Math. This Is Her Phone

Parenting Level: Expert

My Sister Lost Her Phone At A Bar. This Is What My Mom Sent Her When She Asked For A Replacement

Smart Parents Response

Tax Lesson

Parenting Level: Hipster

Today´s Wifi Password

Parents Went Out Of Town For The Weekend. Mom Left Me Laundry Instructions

Janiya Was Caught Pretending To Be 18 Years Old Online. Her Dad Made Her A Special T-Shirt And Made Sure They Circulated The Internet

Dad Wore Short Shorts To Show Her How Ridiculous It Is To Wear It

What My Friend Made His Daughter Wear To School For A Week As Punishment For Coming Home Past Curfew

Pick Up Chore Box

Scream Of Truth

This Mom

Ensuring Our Son Doesn't Lose His Trombone Mouthpiece Again

More Parents Need To Do This

Missed Curfew Note

Charger Jail

This Note

Solution For Kid’s Messes

Not Sure If Public Shaming Of His Children, Or If He Wanted To Dress Like This In The First Place

Me And My Wife Decided To Find A New Way To Convince Our Son Do To His Chores By Getting The Tooth Fairy To Ask Him

She's So Proud Of Herself

Earn Your Needs

Loving Mom Struggling With The Digital Age

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