This Guy Was Able To Buy A $16,000 First-Class Airline Ticket For $480 (29 pics + 1 video)

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Sam Huang is a travel blogger who likes to book extravagant flights for only a few hundred dollars.

But last Christmas Eve, the blogger was able to book the most luxurious private airline cabin: Singapore Airlines' doubled-sized private bed, which is usually reserved for couples.

Normally this flight would have cost him $16,000 if booked as separate flights, but Huang's trip from Los Angeles to Sydney (with two multi-day destination stops) cost him only $480. But as he booked them all as one flight, allowed him to pay this little. This is how his trip went:


After my wonderful stay in Singapore, I took a taxi and headed to Singapore’s Changi Airport. We pulled up into Singapore Airlines’ exclusive drop-off and check-in area for first-class passengers.

A bell hop offered to take my bags, and I was escorted into a check-in area reserved for solely first-class passengers, complete with tables, plush sofas ...

... and even a fully decked out Christmas tree.

Considering the check-in process took less than 5 minutes, the entire place was way over the top. I was handed my golden suites ticket and headed to the first class lounge. Singapore Airlines first class passengers have their very own private security line and immigration checkpoint.

A lounge agent warmly greeted me and upon seeing my golden ticket and escorted me to my seat. We first walked by the relatively crowded business-class lounge, where a lounge attendant wearing a Santa hat was cheerfully serving Christmas themed meals, and headed to the first-class lounge guarded by a separate lounge agent who waved us through.

The first-class lounge looked like part of a Gatsby set with its modern and spacious design.

But this wasn't our final stop as we talked by another lounge checkpoint and through a frosted double pane door into the Private Room, only open to passengers flying on Singapore Airline’s first class cabin.

By far the highlight of the Private Room was the dining area decorated with large plush leather seating and intricate wooden flooring.

After being seated, I was promptly served a glass of Piper Heidsieck Rare Millesime 2002.

I decided to try the roasted lamb, which came with a handful of veggies.

Afterwards, I took a quick shower in a marble lined bathroom, and headed back to the dining room to order a second round of food.

I had sautéed lobster along with another glass of champagne.

After my amazing meal, I took a quick nap in one of three small private relaxation rooms at the back of the lounge. Pillows and blankets were provided, along with some champagne.

I woke up as the flight boarding, wished the wonderful a staff a happy holidays, and headed down the king of jets, the A380. The leather creamed finished suite, designed by French luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste, looks much taller and spacious up close.

Since we were still on the ground, the windows were drawn up and doors left open. A flight attendant quickly introduced himself and asked whether I wanted a glass of champagne. Singapore Airlines is the only airline that serves both Krug & Dom Perignon for first-class passengers. In fact, Singapore Airlines offers a champagne tasting in which you can try both and see which high-end champagne is “right for you.”

Having done the taste test on a previous flight, I started with a glass of Krug. Interestingly, the flight attendant poured the champagne into glass while holding onto a tray, before settling the glass on my seat. He later told me this was to “minimize discomfort to our passengers.”

I was then handed a Ferragamo amenity kit, along with a pair of slippers and pajamas.

We soon took off as gentle roar of the surprisingly quiet four engines on the A380 came to life. I decided to start with chilled caviar along with garlic toast.

This was tailed by seared tuna, which was fresh and quite delightful.

Having already ordered the lobster on my previous flights, I decided to roll dice and book the US grilled beef fillet.

Afterwards, my flight attendant asked if I would like my suite to be prepared for napping. I asked if it would be possible for me to try out the world famous double bed suite. Usually, the double bed is only available for passengers traveling together. However, if the cabin is relatively empty and the seats are unoccupied, exceptions can sometimes be made for solo travelers.

My Christmas wish came true when the purser came back and informed me since the pair of seats in the first row was unoccupied, they’d be happy to make a double bed for me! The bed is unparalleled in comfort and size at 40,000 feet, and even comes with a Singapore Airlines teddy bear.

I really felt like I was in my own exclusive room, with my own private server only one button call away.

I quickly dozed off as the clock turned past midnight.

A few hours later, I was woke up as we flew over Australia and decided to play around with the entertainment system. All suites come with a 23-inch TV and Bose noise-canceling headphones.

As the Christmas Day sun began rising in the horizon, I decided to celebrate the holiday spirit by ordering the special Christmas entrée of roasted turkey with stuffing.

We soon started our descent and flew along the beautiful Australian coast as the morning sun shined on Sydney.

I found the flight crew to be one of the best crew I’ve had the pleasure of being served by. The chief first class attendant was such a pleasure to talk to, and he gave me quite a few tips of what to see in Sydney.

My only wish was my flight could be a bit longer, but I took solace that in a few days I would be able to experience one of the world’s most famous New Year’s Eve celebrations.

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