Tourist Managed To Snap Some Pics In North Korea To Show The Life Of The Most Closed Country In The World (37 pics)

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Joanna von Mruff’s dream to visit DPR has finally come true this September. The visited Pyongyang, DMZ, the Diamond Mountain and more. She says that it is not that bad everybody believes it to be there. She also explains that a lot of western tourists claim that it is “illegal” to take photos in North Korea almost everywhere when in really it is not like it.


“Of course, you are limited as where to go by your security and the tight schedule of the trip, but other than that, you can take photos as far as your camera shoots them. And no action is taken against you taking them out of the country; I haven’t had the memory cards of my camera checked and neither did any other member of the group of my trip,” she said.

Suburban areas of Pyongyang

Putong River on the way from the airport

Early afternoon in the Capital of North Korea

Everyone’s standing in line and waiting for their turn, no pushing, no angry atmosphere, just politely waiting for the bus.

Even in the country of Eternal Sun, there happens to be a sunset

The entrance to one of many Funfairs in the Capital.

Is it an avenue in the most socialist and usurper country in the world or a lane in Los Angeles?

The Kim-Ir-Sung Square. This is where all those parades you hear from the country’s national news happen

Pyongyang by night. But don’t worry about wasting so much electricity. Everything is shut down about midnight.

Picturesque countryside. This is a photo you can call prohibited, as it depicts a soldier

The main mean of transport is either by foot or by bike. That’s rather eco-friendly and Netherlandish of them, right?

There’s a big number of these kiosks with snacks and food articles around the country (that are either red or white)

A typical ‘traffic jam’. Notice the red flags that are waving by the road; it is quite a common view

The Ninth Muse, and simultaneously a big love of Kim Jong Il

Folklore street in Pyongyang

Koreans also like to BBQ and are very hospitable.

In many tourist stops, like this waterfall, new stands begin to appear with souvenirs and food

Picnicking Koreans

Pyongyang International Beer Festival

And yes, it is still in this ‘terrifying country’, not in Europe or US

A bus stop. The city lacks benches, so Koreans tend to squat

The Ryugyong Hotel, or, as it is also called, The Ghost Hotel

The breathtaking Metro station inspired by Moscow’s underground masterpieces of architecture

Casual street view in Pyongyang

If you happen to see a car in DPRK the are always mind-blowing and dissonance-creating between them and the reality that surrounds them

The city is kept clean, but none of the work is done by automatic devices

These gentlemen not only are just doing the all-so-important job of holding posters in place, but they also closely watch the tourists

Somewhere in Korea

Even in the highest tourist point in one of the National Parks, there are already locals trying to make a living

The essence of world collision




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