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There Is Nothing You Can’t Achieve When It Comes To Power Of Will. Weight Loss Included (45 pics)

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Lost 203 Lbs In 2 Years

Exactly Three Years Ago Versus Today. From 600 Pounds To 230 Pounds. 20 Pounds Under Goal!

I Weighed 354 Pounds And Suffered From Diabetes, High Blood Pressure And Plantar Fasciitis. I Have Lost A Total Of 177 In A Year. I Workout 6 Days A Week And I No Longer Have Diabetes!

Minus 198 Lbs In 2 Years

2012 (305 Lbs) Vs. 2016 (165 Lbs). The Difference Diet, Exercise, And Consistent Can Make

From 245lbs To 145lbs

Weight Loss Is 90% Diet, 10% Exercise And 100% Mental!

Back To 198.7

Raina Lost 98 Lbs After Doctors Warned She Could Die From Obesity

Donna Lost 112 Lbs In Two Years And Became A Fitness Model

The Christmas Card Lost 350 Lbs

Progress, Not Perfection

From 120 Kg To 65Kg In 18 Months

Carley Has Lost This Weight Beween March 2015 And October 2016

166.5 Lbs Lost In 2 Years And 2 Weeks

Albina Lost 63,5 Kg

Went From 545 To 215 Pounds

Became Vegan And Lost Weight

My New Year's Resolution Was To Be Below 200 By The End Of The Year - I Hit It This Morning, With 3 Weeks To Spare

Lost 180 Lbs, Gained A New Outlook On Life

From 360 Lbs, To 150 Lbs

I'm Officially Down 90 Lbs

David Has Lost 214 Pounds. He Went From 435 Pounds To 221 In 17 Months

320 Lbs Down To 120 Lbs. Feels Great To Be Free

Lost 80 Kg In 14 Months

340 Lbs Weight Lost In 3 Years

From 224LBS To 135LBS. I Agree With My Shirt. This Is A Pretty "Très Bien" Comparison

Minus 70 Kilo In 15 Months!

Jill Lost 196 Lbs In 4 Years

Starting Weight: 331lbs Current Weight: 225lbs

One Year Transformation

Oliver Lost 350 Lbs In Two Years

Laura Lost 115 Lbs In Two Years And Realized She Was A Gym Rat At Heart

From 274 Lbs To 180 Lbs

100 Pounds Down In One Year

Oh The Difference A Year Can Make

Woman Lost 140 Lbs After Seeing Her Son's Honest Drawing

Lost 159 Lbs

Went From 500 Lbs To 195 Lbs

Progress In Four Years

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