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These European Country Comparisons Will Give You A Lot Of Insights On What Europe Is Really Like (27 pics)

Posted in Random » Interesting   30 Dec 2016   / 9432 views

How old is each individual country in Europe?

Which country has the most metal bands?

These are the richest people in each country.

This is what Europe would look like if all the ice in the world melted.

How many videos does Netflix offer?

What do the women of Europe look at on Pornhub?

And to compare, this is what the entire world looks at.

What is the age of consent in each European country?

In which country do the most people live with their parents?

These are the top-selling cars in each country.

These places are viewable on Google Street View.

How does your favorite European country measure up in terms of recycling?

These are all the cities that have over 1,000 inhabitants.

And these are the tallest structures around Europe.

In which countries are same-sex partnerships recognized?

And in which countries are there laws against anti-gay and anti-trans crimes?

This is how the inhabitants of the USA would fit in Europe.

How many weeks of vacation per year do elementary-school-aged children have in Europe?

And how many weeks of that are summer vacation?

Europeans speak, on average, this many languages:

And these are the most widely spoken languages after their mother tongue:

These are the routes of all high-speed trains.

Europeans get this much sunshine every year:

These are the last kingdoms in Europe.

There are 1.35 million watercourses in Europe.

Who actually brings the presents to Europeans at Christmas?

And, most importantly, what do Europeans call their beer?

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posadnik 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
can't you, stupids, just agree on where the eastern border of Europe goes?
Khysiek 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
Estonia and Latvia older than Poland ??!! WTF bullshit is that.
Poland is over 1000 years old as country.
jeskris 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
Khysiek: Maybe, but not in its current form. The russians probably stole a little bit during the 2nd world war