Please, Make Sure These Guys Never Touch A Razor Again! (25 pics)

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By far the most popular of the “creative” manscaping, the “mankini” is both confusing in purpose and terrifying to think what it was cut from.  Is it an improvement over the unsculpted version?  It depends who you ask.  But there’s no denying the power the mankini has to attract hot women to pose with you regardless of your… condition.

Serious love

That chest, that look, and that’s not all. I can’t show you the lower half on Instagram, but trust me it’s out there and you don’t want to find it.  Let’s just say he’s like a creepy, live, playing card.

Mankini, part two

Look at that grin!  He’s obviously having fun, and that’s obviously because this is a very temporary situation for the sake of the photo.  Kudos for having fun in the moment (and not sporting that in public.)


Some people take their faith very seriously.  This guy gets points for going with something less permanent than a tattoo while attracting a hot believer to pose with him.

The Man-Zebra

Well, if you have that much to work with, you could do a lot worse.  Granted in this (or any) case, less is probably more, but in the meantime he gets points for symmetry and the lack of some obnoxiously poor design.

The chest of a villian

He’s making the most of his manly hair by sporting a full beard up top and a classic supervillain moustache on his chest.  Maybe it’s the smile, but it kind of works for him.

Bat-chest begins

He gets points for fandom.  But he loses points for build, poor design, and a general lack of anything else remotely resembling Batman.

He's got a big heart.

He just looks so dang friendly, the care-bear chest hair almost suits him… almost.

Impressive art

I don’t know what’s more impressive, the fact that this guy managed to draw a cupid being shot out of a canon on his belly, or the fact that he had enough hair on his belly to draw it in the first place.

The half and half

Is it really a decision if the decision is already half made?  It would take a long time to even out if everyone decided the hairy look was better.

Do you see it?

I’m not even sure if this is intentional manscaping or just coincidental genes.  Do you see the face?

The double man-stache

I would be a lot more impressed if the definition of his moustache matched the definition of his… chestache.  Points for the double action regardless though.

The cat lover

He must really love his felines.  I can’t imagine that facial hair / chest hair combo will help him get more… attention.

Business casual

This man gives new meaning to the term “business casual.”  He’s having so much fun and wears it so well, you almost forget what he probably started with.

Bat-hair returns

It’s not as elaborate as the first incarnation, but the definition is better and he might have the build for it.  The bat has returned.

The patriot

This guy put a full canvas to use just to represent the red, white, and blue.  If this doesn’t say “MERICA’!” I don’t know what does.

The patriot, part two.

This guy gets more props for the pretty girl and the major line detail it took for outline the good ol’ USA!

Mankini, part three

His beard matches his top.  And we all know behind a good mankini is a better woman.

A clear message

This man went through a great deal of effort to send his message.  I’m just not sure it’s going to be as effective as he hopes.

Making room for the art.

A veritable forest on his chest but he cleared it out for the sake of art.  How much maintenance does it take to keep the forest from overgrowing the canvas?

Combining the arts.

This guy took it one step further and combined his tattoo with precision manscaping. We’re so impressed we forgot how much back hair he had to have started with…

The mouth of the Batman.

There’s a reason most of these entries were chest hair; a big canvas yields the most “impressive” results. But this was so inventive and impressive it’s right up there with the others.  Well done Batmouth!

Mankini, part four.

I’ve already said it, but you’ve gotta hand it to these guys, every single one is with at least one hot woman.  This guy added abs to the situation and found himself with three!!

Literally different.

Okay, okay this wasn’t the “manscaping” we were referring to, but the use of the hashtag was just so clever I couldn’t resist.  This probably took more work anyway.

To celebrate the new year!

The design is impressive in it’s own right.  But the texture of the hair is even more impressive.  Way to ring in the new year and make the best of a (literally) solid amount of back hair.



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