Some Celebrities Like It Very Dirty When It Comes To Relationships (15 pics)

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Rob Gronkowski And BiBi Jones

Gronk! We just love this guy. Even if you aren’t a fan of the New England Patriots, you have to be a Rob Gronkowski fan. First off, he plays with thunder and grace at the tight end position; an absolute monster on the football field. Off the field, he has partied with the best of them. You can’t really look down at a guy who has a cast on his arm and is spinning on the dance floor, drunk. He is literally the king of all frat guys. And if you saw his appearance with his family on Celebrity Family Feud you would like this guy even more. Gronk literally looks like one of the most fun guys to hang out with. And then you add his ability to land ladies like Bibi Jones, and you get pretty excited. Her photo wearing his jersey went viral and the world greatly overreacted in every direction. The adult film actress is gorgeous with a killer body. Patriots fans freaked and the media went nutty. The point is, she is insanely hot and he is an athletic freak. Good for them.

Kid Rock And Jesse Jane

As you will see, Kid Rock doubles-down on this naughty list. We aren’t too surprised, either. With his string of public indecency incidents, combined with a variety of other issues, Rock has made a living dating models, beautiful actresses, and adult stars. That is how we find his top adult film actress on this list- the one and only Jesse Jane. The two dated from 2004-5 when Rock was a heck of a lot more popular (and successful) than he is now. Jane was from Fort Worth, Texas and has won many, many adult film awards. She has been so successful at performing the “acts” on camera that she was inducted into the AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame. With over 120 adult film credits under her belt, this is a girl who certainly knows how to get down. And get down she did with Kid Rock.

And He Dated Amy Brooke

It’s no surprise that bad boy country and hard rock salt-of-the-earth singer, Kid Rock would land again on this last. Known for being a highly successful white trash music artist, Kid Rock has made a career out of being a tad bit outlandish. He loves his booze and makes few apologies for his success, his womanizing, and all the other illegal activities he enjoys. With his biggest hits long behind him, we see Kid Rock’s obsession with women of the “other” film industry. Also “featured” in Rock’s stable is Amy Brooke. Coming out of Chicago, Illinois, Brooke & Rock were more than rumored to hit the town (and a few bedrooms) together. This “adult” actress definitely has some fine attributes. She was just one more conquest in a long line of them for Kid Rock.

Alfonso Ribeiro And Ashlynn Brooke

We all knew that the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith, has an alleged open marriage in which he can do whatever he wants. But who knew that Carlton Banks had such mad game! Alfonso Ribeiro proves that he does, in fact, have pretty massive game. He scored super-hottie Ashlynn Brooke who is absolutely smokin’! Back in 2007, Ribeiro was dating this incredibly hot 22-year-old (at the time) adult star. Brooke’s official web site had these quotes: “I’m a very sensual and sexual girl, and I love sharing my pleasure with everyone. Come join me where I will show you all of my wild adventures, naughty fantasies and sexual escapades.” Yeah, we’re sold! Well done, Carlton!!! That deserves a throwback, white-man overbite dance, AKA: The Carlton.

Dwight Howard And Mary Carey

Loveable giant, basketball star Dwight Howard, may have made a few NBA franchises upset by not fulfilling their hopes of him being their messiah (see Los the Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets on that), but he is known as an easy-going star with a great personality. He has appeared in numerous Disney shows, and is a regular darling to the young audience. He is almost always smiling on the basketball court when he plays. Now, we may know why he does so much smiling. Howard dated adult star Mary Carey. Carey is a legend in the industry, a gorgeous large-breasted blonde who has appeared in over 100 movies. She also thinks Howard would make a remarkable actor due to the size of his member. She stated that Howard is the “biggest” she has ever seen first-hand (and that’s saying something from an adult actress!). The smile on his face may soon flee, however. Howard is known to have (allegedly) gotten numerous women pregnant in various cities on his basketball stops. His smile may soon fade as the child support payments start to mount. But for now, he’s got his while the gettin is good!

Tiger Woods And Joslyn James

Nobody should be surprised by the presence of one Tiger Woods on a list that involves having intimate relations with adult film actresses. We’re just surprised we allowed others beside Tiger to be on this list. His laundry list of women that he allegedly has slept with is long and prestigious. There are rumors abounding for the number of strippers, adult film actresses, and models that have graced the sheets with Woods. One thing is for certain, he got down and dirty with Joslyn James. James released a nice array of texts Woods sent to her. Let’s revisit 2009; “I would love the ability to make you sore,” Woods texted. Another Woods special was asking for a threesome with James and “another girl you trust.” Then there was the exciting “I want to treat you rough. Throw you around, spank and slap you.” That pretty much sums up everything about this situation. His creepy smile above just got a bit more creepy, didn’t it? Oh, yes, if you were wondering, this was while he was married to his model wife (now ex-wife), of course.

Bruce Willis And Alisha Klass

Man, there is almost no male star quite as cool as Bruce Willis. The actor portrayed a rugged blue-collar cop in the Die Hard film series and killed it in the classic Pulp Fiction. He got married to Demi Moore when she was at her hottest and has quietly bedded many, many women in his wake. He is the coolest of the cool in our book. Willis also had a time in which he enjoyed the exploits of a woman from the “other” industry. Enter Alisha Klass back in 2001. Of course, Moore and Willis had already hit the skids, divorcing just prior to this exciting jaunt. It was reported that Willis had her home fitted with a high-tech camera system that, in part, allowed Willis to keep track of his new love interest while at the same time enabling them to send sexy videos to one another. Again, can’t say enough about Willis. A brilliant man.

Dave Navarro And Jayme Langford

This one is both weird and wild. Dave Navarro is a founding member of Jane’s Addiction. The alternative rock band made splashes back in the 1990s. Navarro has appeared with numerous bands and is often considered one of the most original and great guitar players of his generation. His exceptional skills have combined varied elements of numerous genres, including heavy metal, psychedelic, and modern. This has made Navarro a special talent and also helped nab him some pretty special hotties. His third marriage was to the nutty and sexy Carmen Electra. But it was his odd relationship to adult film actress, Jayme Langford, that has drawn crazy rumors. Back in 2010, the two seemed to briefly be together. Then, more recently, odd rumors surfaced that she was a meth addict and Navarro was her father. Truth be told, numerous sources say that Navarro definitely isn’t Langford’s father. The two clearly had a short fling and we can’t blame Navarro. Might as well enjoy that stardom while it lasts!

Gene Simmons And Shannon Tweed

King of oddity, Gene Simmons, originally Chaim Witz (birth name), is no stranger to women. He has slept with many and boasted about it in numerous books he wrote. The former co-leader of the mega-70’s band KISS has a variety of crazy tour stories. He has stated how much he loved to have wild tour-sex with sweaty groupies. There were few limitations to his sexual appetites and the band was touring 51 weeks a year at their peak. Simmons was the outspoken leader of the band and used to spit fire into the air and vomit blood on stage. He went to excess to cover up for having a so-so voice and the gimmick often worked for the band. Of course, the band’s successes were helmed by their music company’s brilliant head, Neil Bogart of Casablanca Records, who pushed the band into their extraordinary stage presence and helped create their insane image.

It all worked and Simmons got everything he wanted, including an adult film star for a wife with the infamous Shannon Tweed. The two had been together for quite a while before officially marrying in 2011. Tweed is a legend in the “erotic thriller” genre of adult entertainment. We guess it’s no wonder she married one of the scariest figures in music history. We just wonder about their love-making rituals. Do you think Simmons paints his face and breathes fire in their bedroom prior to spitting blood all over her body just before they do it? Now that would make for a great reality show! Just sayin’, Gene. Contact my manager and we’ll make it happen!

Macaulay Culkin And Irene Lopez

Somewhere there are many people that are saying that Macaulay Culkin doesn’t deserve such a reward. The actor who made his fame by appearing as a child in the Home Alone series has since had a legacy of child actor gone bad. Drug and alcohol use marred the actor’s teenage years, with many people worried he wouldn’t arrive at adulthood. But he did and he landed Mila Kunis as his reward. The two were exclusive for eight long years in which she tried to keep him sober and upright. She had many documented struggles with getting him medical help in a love affair that was more destructive than anything for the two young stars. But shortly after Kunis, Culkin went the complete opposite direction in dating Spanish adult star Irene Lopez. The two actually were spotted exiting a Spanish live sex club in Barcelona. Culkin didn’t want the attention over the affair, but he kind of was spotted dead-to-rights on it. Don’t fight it, Macaulay. Revel in your success. You get a “that-a-boy” from us!

Tommy Lee And Jenna Jameson

This was a match made in heaven. Two of the most infamous figures in their respective industries, Jenna Jameson and Tommy Lee arrive for what seemed like the perfect meeting of a “member” of a giant band and one of the most active adult film actresses in the biz. It would have appeared that Tommy Lee could have satisfied pretty much all of Jameson’s needs, but she reported after their break-up that Lee was just too affectionate for her. Lee was the famous drummer for Motley Crue, a hair band that was epically successful. He dated Pamela Anderson back in the day and we all saw how well that went! Jameson is as respected as they come in the adult film industry and although they didn’t last, they were hot and heavy for a while.

Marilyn Manson And Stoya

Marilyn Manson has always represented the kind of dark teenage angst kid no one really wants to hang out with. He is so obsessed with being different and on the outside of normalcy, he plays to the socially disenfranchised with the best of them. His shtick is an act that has enabled him to achieve success while having very little talent. We applaud him for his efforts despite being a strange cult figure who wears prosthetic wangs on stage when he performs mostly naked (still can’t get that image out of my head when he opened for Nine Inch Nails back in the day). No matter how you view him, he was a star for a long time, and thus, was able to sleep with whomever he seemingly wanted. That’s where adult star Stoya comes in. Back in 2009 the two were an item when Manson was a lot more normal than her indie rocker persona as portrayed on camera. The two dated for six months and the bubbly, skinny adult star seemed to go well with Manson…while it lasted.

Jesse James And Janine Lindemulder

We all know that Jesse James is the kind of guy who likes the attention of “bad girls.” At this point, we can pretty much chalk him up to scum. He was married to America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, for a time. We’re not sure what Bullock was thinking at the time, as James was known as a guy who liked the girls with big boobs and tats, but either way, to each their own. James didn’t disappoint when he was blown up for having numerous affairs behind Bullock’s back. But prior to Bullock, the motorcycle mogul married beautiful adult star Janine Lindemulder. The two married in 2000 and got divorced in 2004. However, don’t let the timeline fool you. The papers were filed in 2001, just a year after the marriage (sound the money wh*re alarm!). We might give James a bit of empathy if he didn’t go ahead and screw up his next marriage by screwing around on Bullock, but what can you say about a habitual cheater. You get what you give.

Charlie Sheen And Kacey Jordan

Winning? Maybe not so much anymore. Charlie Sheen loved to boast about the number of women he slept with. He had them coming out of his ears. He had a run where the television star was a virtual adult star inside the walls of his own home. He rented women, bought women, and just brought whomever home. Between strippers, prostitutes, and adult film stars, it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with Sheen’s sex life. But these days, he isn’t boasting anymore. Since the admission that he tested positive for the mother of all sexual diseases, HIV, a lot less laughing is occurring about Sheen’s sex life. Kacey Jordan was an adult star who was allegedly paid $30K to attend a party at Sheen’s back in 2011. They did blow and watched films together for hours before having sex (or as Charlie used to call evenings like this, ‘Casual Monday’). Sheen managed to overdose on the coke and got Jordan prego. She terminated the pregnancy and is just another cautionary tale in Sheen’s sad decline.

The Philadelphia Flyers, Other Philly Athletes and Gina Lynn

Yeah, this one is a doozy! Anyone in the mood for playing the game “One Adult Film Star and a Pro Hockey Team?” That’s pretty much the scenario as it played out in an apartment back in 2010. Photos surfaced of adult film star Gina Lynn and a bevy of Philadelphia Flyers players drinking and having a good time. Gina Lynn seemed like the life of the party as the fellas seemed to greatly enjoy her “company.”  It is believed that Lynn, a big fan of Philadelphia athletes, went to a post-game party with a number of Flyers players. Not to be outdone, she also was rumored to be a regular hook-up of former Flyers stud Mike Richards.

In addition to the entire Philadelphia hockey team, Lynn has been identified with Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard and former Philadelphia quarterback A.J. Feeley.  Ex-Flyer Scottie Upshall and ex-Phillies slugger Shane Victorino were also confirmed to share a bed with Lynn during a radio interview with her ex-husband and Lynn, herself. Damn, the girl drains those Philadelphia players. No wonder they don’t win any championships these days!







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