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They Take Selfies. And What Do You Do After You Just Had Sex? (31 pics)

Posted in NSFW   2 Feb 2017   / 8795 views

This Couple Who Is All About Neck Warmth
This Couple That Is Tired, but Always Has the Energy for One More Selfie
This Couple Who Just Bought the Classiest Sticker App
The Best Friend Anybody Could Ever Have
These People Who Now Have to Take Another Shower
This Guy Who Just Needed a Place to Lay Down
These Two Who Like Guessing Games
These Two Peaceful Sleepers
These Two Who Are Totally on the Same Page
This Girl and Her New Grunting Friend
This Couple That Selfied Their Horse Play
This Gentleman and His Human Girlfriend
This Girl Who Always Lives in the Moment
These German Selfie Lovers
This Classy Mom Who Thinks Only of Her Child
This Couple Whose Selfie Taking Limbs Aren't Paralyzed at Least
This Terrible Host
This After Sex Close Up
This Couple Who Had a Backup Selfie Phone on Hand, Don't Worry
These Two Who Waited Just Long Enough for This #aftersexselfie
These Lovebirds Who Know That Duckface Will Keep Them Together
This Girl Who Found a Human Blanket
This Famous Internet Celebrity Power Couple
This Girl Who Woke Up to a Peacefully-Sleeping Stranger
This Girl Who Remembered to Put on Eye Makeup Before Getting Back Into Bed for a Selfie
This Girl Who Might Make a New Friend Today!
This Girl Who Maybe Hasn't Politely Asked Him to Leave Yet
The Intruder You Probably Invited Into Your Bed, Actually
These Two Who Love Their Beauties and Don't Care What Mom Thinks

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