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Top Things To Make You Look Awkward. But You Still Do Most Of Them (25 pics)

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Chasing pieces of paper that are flying away in the wind

Walking on riot stairs

These are those staircases that are slightly awkwardly spaced so that the same foot has to land on the first step every time, allegedly to prevent riots. To walk on them, you either have to do a hop-step or take really long strides.

Running to catch a bus that is waiting for you when you are wearing a backpack

Unless you really tighten the straps.

Crossing a crosswalk with cars waiting

It’s called the courtesy jog.

Rolling forward in an office chair

Only rolling backwards looks cool.


Pouring water into your nose is hard to do while preserving coolness.

Plugging your laptop into the plug under the table

Crawling under anything at work/school is hard to do in a cool fashion.

Being sung Happy Birthday to

Should you sing along? Do you smile? You are so uncool right now.

Backpacks with wheels

If you grew up in the 90’s, you may have fond memories of getting beat up because you had a backpack-with-wheels. In middle school, they were almost the definition of uncool.

Taking photos with an iPad

This automatically makes you look 20 years older.

Waiting for your dog to poop

And then picking up afterwards. Nothing cool about that.

Driving a PT Cruiser

Everyone will immediately know that you inherited grandma’s car.

Chasing ping pong balls

Just find a new one.

Riding a Segway

If coolness is your goal, you should never, ever, under any circumstances attempt to do this. And especially not with a helmet.

Throwing things with your non-dominant hand

This is the fastest way to look like a child.

Holding back a sneeze

You just have to let it out.

Talking on a bluetooth

…unless you actually put your finger on the earpiece…like in the movies.

Walking into a spiderweb

Your cool points just plummeted after those dance moves.

Drinking out of a straw

Unless you’re Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

Saying bye and walking in the same direction

At least everybody looks equally uncool.

Holding your girlfriend’s purse

In the words of Seinfeld…It’s a European Carryall!

The YMCA dance

It is impossible to not look like an old white guy while doing this.

Socks and sandals

This is just about at the top of the uncool list.

Selfie sticks

They almost make regular selfies look cool.

Standing behind the President while he gives a speech

It’s basically the definition of awkward.

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