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The World Has Seen The Entirely Different Side Of These Celebrities (53 pics)

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John Lennon and Mick Jagger

Angelina Jolie at 8 years old

Albert Einstein wearing fuzzy slippers

Alfred Hitchcock directing MGM Lion

Alfred Hitchcock being cool

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first time in New York City

A young Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Beatles preparing to cross Abbey Road

Bono and James Brown

Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee dancing Cha-cha-cha

Bruce Lee enjoying some music

Bruce Willis in the 80’s

Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin together

Charlie Chaplin and Gandhi

Diane Keaton and Al Pacino fooling around on the set of The Godfather

Eddie Murphy, Sidney-Poitier, Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor

Fidel Castro and Malcolm X

Fidel Castro at the Lincoln Memorial

Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra

Harry Potter cast announced 2000

James Brown and Mick Jagger

Jim Carrey and Stephen Hawking

Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger

Jimi Hendrix getting his hair done at home

Joe Pesci and Macaulay Culkin Home Alone after party

Joseph Stalin Mugshot

Lady Gaga before Lady Gaga

Madonna, Sting and Tupac Shakur

JFK and Marilyn Monroe

Martin Luther King flipping the middle finger

Matt Damon dressed as Humpty Dumpty in a school play

Michael Jackson and Paul Mccartney doing dishes

Michael Jordan in College

Mick Jagger getting a hair cut

Muhammad Ali and The Beatles

Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood

Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood

Queen Elizabeth on her WWII service

Stephen Hawking in zero gravity

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Will Ferrell yearbook photo

A Young Amy Winehouse

Bill Clinton

Brad Pitt in high School

Young Elijah Wood and Leonardo Dicaprio

Emma Watson

Heath Ledger

Jim Carrey as a teenager

Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling

Nicolas Cage

Quentin Tarantino

Robin Williams


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