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You Can Follow The Rules To The Point Of Breaking All The Rules Imaginable (44 pics)

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You Are To Assume The Role Of A Chinese Immigrant In 1870

My Wife Wanted A Run-Of-The-Mill Birthday Party. I Asked Her, "So Just A Generic Party?" This Is The Result

My Mom Told Me To "Clean The Bathroom Like The Queen Of England Is Visiting"

Arriva Has Banned Shorts As A Part Of Their Uniform, Offering Only Pants Or Skirts Regardless Of Weather

My Wife Asked Me To Take Some Pictures With My New Selfie Stick When Doing Stuff Throughout The Day

School District Doesn't Allow Halloween Costumes

My Dad Asked The Waitress For "One Very Small Check" I Think That She Out-Dadjoked Him In Response

How To Cook Pork & Caramelised Chestnut Stuffing

Future Lawyer? Was Told He Couldn't Go Outside

Girlfriend Told Me To Wear A Plain Tie To Dinner Tonight

My Wife Asked Me To Put The Cake In The Oven At 120 Degrees. Took Some Doing, But I Managed It

The Poor Girl Actually Stopped Walking

Because, Screw You And Your "End User License Agreement"

I Never Imagined The Golden Gate Bridge Was As Bike Friendly As It Is

When You're Told To Change Ur Shirt Before Thanksgiving Dinner So You Happily Oblige

Bus Driver Near Busy Stop Ticketed For Letting Passengers Get Off Early Due To Congestion. Reaction: Today Bus Drivers Coordinated To Do Things By The Book And Only Stop Exactly At Bus Stops; Huge Line-Up Ensues

My Wife Just Told Me She Is Pregnant, And Wanted A Toasty Shower. First Dad Joke Executed

My Brother Got Bored Waiting At The Pharmacy

I Noticed This Bottle At A Local Coffee Shop, And Asked The Owner About It. He Said "Health Inspector Asked 'What's This Jar?' And I Said Nothing, It's Empty, And She Said 'Everything Has To Be Labeled' So I Labeled It."

My Dad Asked Me To Hand Him His Ginger Ale. I Don't Know What To Do

I Have No Words For This One

Mom Asked Me To Put The Toilet Paper On The Shelf

My Parents Are On A Short Vacation And Asked Me To Stop By And "Secure The Dog". Mission Accomplished

My Brother Had To Work, So He Asked Me To Save Him A Little Bit Of Everything

My Wife Asked For A Coach Bag For Her Birthday. Let's Just Say She's Pretty Happy Today

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