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Not Every Weight-Loss Story On The Internet Is True, You Know (29 pics)

Posted in NSFW   10 Mar 2017   / 7989 views

Me 1% Of The Time VS 99% Of The Time. Taken Just Seconds Apart

Just A Same Girl, Same Day, Different Pose Reminder That Our Bodies Look Different In Different Angles And That It's Perfectly Ok, Normal And Natural

My 3 Second Transformation!

These Photos Were Taken 2 Minutes Apart! Don't Stress About The Way Your Body Looks In Certain Positions

Same Girl. Different Angles

Same Girl, Same Day, Same Time

30 Seconds Transformation Photo

Just 2 Minutes After!

My 30 Second Transformation. I've Had 3 Beautiful Babies...

These Two Photos Are 12 Hours Apart, Left Before Bed And Right When I Woke Up

Left Is What My Tummy Looks Like When I'm Very Bloated. Right Is When I'm Not Bloated

This Is Me Standing Normally, Not Pushing My Stomach Out Vs Flexing

There Was Only 3 Minutes Between These Photos, I Just Changed The Lighting, Did My Hair, Put On Undies That Flattered Me And Changed My Pose

Neither Of These Pics Have Been Edited. They Were Taken About 30 Seconds Apart

Standing Relaxed On The Left Vs Sucked In, Pulled Up My Pants, Pushed My Hips Back And Stood With My Legs Apart To Give Myself A Thigh Gap

How My Body Looks When I'm Relaxed And When I'm Posing. It Is So Easy To Manipulate

I Took These Seconds Apart. On The Left I'm Flexing Pretty Hard And On The Right I'm Not Even Pushing Out, I'm Just Relaxed

20 Hour Transformation

These Were Taken A Few Seconds Apart

Ahh The Difference A Flattering Pose Can Make

30 Second Transformation

The Photo On The Right Isn't Edited At All, But Just From The Way I'm Standing, I've Managed To Change The Way My Body Looks Quite Dramatically

My Booty From Its Normal Straight Leg Standing Position Vs A Posed Booty Pop Position

This Is A 30 Seconds Before And After Photo

These Pics Were Taken Seconds Apart

These Pics Were Taken Second Apart This Morning

Pics Are All About Good Lighting And Angles

30 Second Transformation

Didn't Think It Would Be This Much Of A Difference!


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#13 Three minutes for a woman to do her hair? FFFFFAAAAAAAKKKKEEEE!!!!