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Nothing Can Be Cuter Than Babies! Or Can These Spa Babies Be? (11 pics + 1 gif)

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Baby Spa Perth is Australia’s first bath and massage parlor exclusively for – you guessed it – babies

Here, babies kick and float around to their heart’s delight in a warm bath with soft waves

The spa even boasts its own patented flotation device, the Bubby, which keeps babies comfy and safe

The experience allows parents and babies to bond in a relaxing environment for both parties

Not only is it adorable, but hydrotherapy for babies is extremely beneficial to their health

In the water, babies can move freely, which helps them develop muscle and bone strength

The sensations they feel while floating also prepare them for swimming lessons, and even walking

Plus, let’s be honest – it’s tough work being a brand new person, and sometimes you just need to relax

After their baths, babies are given a gentle massage with grape seed oil, moisturizing their skin

The water they float in is purified with ozone, which kills bacteria in shared basins, but is baby-safe

11.5k followers have already flocked to their Instagram page, and their photos are giving everyone baby fever

Though it’s the first of its kind in Australia, Baby Spas also exist in England, South Africa, and Spain

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