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For All Those Who Hate The Glamorous Food Porn Shitty Food Porn is here! (49 pics)

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Ranging from fast food served like it’s a restaurant delicacy to just awful cooking skills – these foods are ready to destroy your delicate gourmet feelings.


Chicken Nugget Checkers with pickle garnish.

Hot Dog plate served with tomato reduction and mozzarella.

Deconstructed Hot Dog served with a glass of Milk de Chocolate.

Whipped cream makes everything fancy.

Cold Red Baron pizza tower with lettuce and ranch.

Pringles Jelly.

Fresh Spaghetti-O’s served in an edible pepperoni bowl.

Charlie Day’s signature Milksteak.

Blooming Egg and Hot Dog platter.

When it’s leftover day at the college cafeteria.

Reheated Bratwurst thrown in a container of Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese cake topped with chicken nuggets and tomato reduction.

When you run out of cones.

When you have too many cones.

Hot Dog gelatin.

Salad gelatin.

Refried beans with BBQ sauce reduction.

Scrambled eggs with blue dye.

Papa John’s pizza cutting job.

Bread-wrapped corn with cheese.

The Eggstick.

Fruit Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza Salad.

Guy Fieri’s Nacho Tower.

Buffalo Wild Wings screwed up.

The McStruggle.

Mountain Dew Margarita, rim salted with Doritos.

Face palm.

Spaghetti tubes.

Can’t knock their ambition.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Special St. Patty’s Day Spaghetti.

IHOP needs a few lessons in plating.

Cheese Rubik’s Cube.

The last meal of the month.

This newlywed couple asked for their initials in rice.

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