Dads Have The Best Sense Of Humor Out There, Kind Of (49 pics)

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After A Multi-year Battle I Finally Convinced My Dad To Upgrade His Old Nokia 3310 To An Iphone. The Custom Phone Case He Ordered For It Arrived Today..

My Dad Just Moved To Tokyo. I Asked For A Picture Of The View From His Apartment...

Dad's Office

My Girlfriend's Dad Sent Me This Picture Of Himself Today

My Dad Was Looking At Me Like This For Like 5 Minutes Until I Looked Down At His Plate

A Girl Got A Text From A Boy Asking To See Her In Her Bra, Dad Replied

My Dad Said My Dog Took Over My Room After I Left For College. He Sent Me This...

Exact Photo Description Of A Dad Joke In Action

My Friend's Dad Is A Dentist. This Is His Pumpkin For Halloween

My Dad And I Created A "world Sandwich" From Cordoba, Spain To The Exact Opposite Side Of The World In Hamilton, New Zealand

My Dad Keeps Placing This Around To Scare Me

Never Ask Your Dad To Bring You Stuff At School

Daughter Asked For Frozen Gifts This Christmas..

Marilyn Manson's Dad Surprised Him At His Recent Photo Shoot With Terry Richardson. Proof That Its A Father's Duty To Embarrass Your Children As Much As Humanly Possible

My Dad Is An Ob/gyn, And Was On-call For Christmas. This Is How He Went To Round On Patients This Morning.

So My Friend Has Her First Driving Lesson With Her Dad

My Dad Simultaneously Discovered Snapchat And Started Decorating For Halloween... This Is The Result

My Apartment Lost Power For Two Days. I Complained To My Dad, And Minutes Later, I Got A Text: "They're On The Case!"

When Your Dad Thinks Your Bath Bomb Is A Toilet Cleaner

My Dad Has A Good Sense Of Humour

My Daughter Had A Nightmare About Me Getting Sucked Into The Computer, After She Watched Tron. This Is What She Will Wake Up To

My Uncle And Dad Found My Cousin's Hair Extensions, And Sent The Whole Family Glamour Shots

My Mates Dad Is Officially Having A Mid Life Crisis! He Ordered This From Thailand...

Was In My Room Studying When My Dad Sent Me This Photo

Just Got Home From Work And Found This Note From My Dad On The Fridge... A Little Confused, I Walked To Into The Living Room To Find My Cat As Promised. Thanks Dad!

My Dad And His Morbid Sense Of Humor Make Their Way To The Family Reunion

My Dad's Proudest Christmas Decoration

My Friends Wife Let Him Name Their New Puppy

Walked On My Husband Walking The Cat Across The Ceiling While Singing "spider Cat, Spider Cat, Does Whatever A Spider Cat Does"

My Friend Ran Out Of Lunch Bags, His Dad Is A Cop...

Mom Said She Wanted A Smaller Tree For The Holidays This Season. Dad Came Home With This

My Dad Asked If We Wanted To See A Picture Of His Pride And Joy

My Dad Likes To Get Up To Hijinks When Left Alone

This Is Why I Can't Take My Dad To Nice Places...

So I Was A Fat Baby. This Fact Was Not Lost On My Dad

My Dad Made A Good Snowball I Guess, He's Really Proud, He Even Made This Photo His Profile Picture..

Graduation Gift From Dad

My Dad, The Belly Flop King, About To Ruin My Moms Afternoon

My Wife Didn't Appreciate My Fridge Magnet Poem

You Can Tell Me I'm A Bad Dad But This One Is Staying In The Baby Album

My Dad Brought A Kitten Home And Let It Drive

My Dad Just Sent Me This With The Caption "Minotaur"

"I Think My Dad Is Unhappy About My Stepmom's Early X-mas Decorating Spree. He Captioned This On Facebook 'This Is What Happens When You Come Out Of Your Box Bfore Thanksgiving You Damn Dirty Elf'"

How To Make Your Kids Hate You

Dad Making Sure My New Boyfriend Is Competent

My Sister Posted A Picture To Facebook, My Dad Responded

My Dad Loves Neon Yellow Running Gear. People Always Joke That He Looks Like A Highlighter. So He Became One



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