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You Don’t Always Need To Lose Weight To Look Better. Sometimes You Gotta Gain Some (16 pics)

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As the 22-year-old UK-based fitness blogger Emma O’Neill proved with her story that she shared online recently. Back when she was weighing 48 kilos she was looking borderline anorexic and had almost no energy. So, instead of tiring herself with mindless trainings she decided to eat more healthily, exercise regularly and…gain weight. She ended up weighing 57 after a year and a half, and now she is looking much more fabulous.


In 2015 (photo shown on the left), O’Neill wrote that she “underate, overtrained, and genuinely didn’t have a bloody clue.”

She looked emaciated, borderline anorexic, and had a lackluster amount of energy in her daily life.

“I started my journey by drastically eliminating ‘bad foods’ from my diet […] and doing regular cardio,” O’Neill wrote in a blog post last year. “But as I began investigating and reading more, I began to understand that to really achieve my goals, which essentially was to become stronger and more toned, I’d have to do things a bit differently. Essentially lift heavy things and eat a bit more.“

Emma primarily added food and lifting to her daily regimen and began looking & feeling better instantly. By adding lifting to her routine 5-6 times a week she noticed increased muscle mass, and admitted to feeling proud of her own transformation.

She also declared that her dramatic health approach helped her find a harmonious balance between the gym and the rest of her life.

“You don’t need to be perfect or even near perfect to achieve your goals and transform you body/life,” she wrote. “Sure, you do have to work hard. But I promise you can still mess up, eat the things you love, miss your gym sessions, and be a normal human, too.”

The proof is in the pictures…

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