The Epic Finales Of Even More Epic TV Series (12 pics)

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2004 — 2010

In the final season, the mysteriousness of this TV series is off the charts. Events take place in a peculiar alternative reality where Flight 815 didn’t break. In the final episode, Jack meets his father, who explains that this place is the afterlife they created themselves to find each other and continue their journey after death. At the very end, the passengers gather in the church, the doors open, and bright light breaks through them. Jack’s father says, "Let’s go find out."

Prison Break

2005 — 2009

The last season of the series is dedicated to the fight against The Company. To return to normal life, the characters have lots of things to do, including joint work with enemies. Michael is terminally ill. In the last series, we see how his friends and wife, Sara, with an already grown-up son, come to his grave. However, after the final episode there was a movie which ended the TV series. It showed us that Michael died not from illness but sacrificed himself to save his wife from prison. His brother and wife are given a CD with a farewell video from him.

In 2016, the first trailer for the new season appeared. It’s positioned as a TV miniseries, and the first episode was released in April 2017.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1997 — 2003

A new high school was built in Sunnydale, where Buffy is a specialist working with difficult teenagers. Yet there’s no quiet study and life: the forces of evil are awakened all over the world. The potential Slayers, who later become chosen and receive the necessary strengths and abilities, are hunted. Buffy’s team prepares for the last battle, as a result of which Sunnydale will be completely destroyed, just as Hellmouth was.

The Sopranos

1999 — 2007

The finale of the TV series disappointed many fans. It was expected that the main character, Tony Soprano, would be either killed or finally go to jail as this was how everyone who was engaged in organized crime in the series ended up. Yet in the final episode, the Soprano family is just having lunch in a restaurant, and a person who looks like a killer comes in. He seems to bring a dramatic end to the story, but he walks by and goes to the restroom.


1986 — 1990

This charming alien from the planet Melmac became our childhood friend. His insightful ironic humor became something completely new in the world of family sitcoms. Yet the story ended rather sadly.

Alf managed to contact his friends Skipper and Rhonda, who offered to create a new Melmac. Saying goodbye to the Tanners, Alf goes to the field where his friends should pick him up. Unexpectedly, the military appears and, frightening off the flying craft, take Alf with them.


1998 — 2006

In the last episode, Phoebe and Paige die in another fight against evil. Piper takes the magic ring and goes to the past to save her sisters. Having got to 1975, she meets her parents, tells them she’s from the future, and asks for their help. Her plan succeeds, and the sisters win the war against the demons. They return to normal life, and the next generation starts their struggle against evil.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

1995 — 1999

Hera is freed from Tartarus thanks to Evander, the son of Nemesis. He listens to his grandmother (Hera), who asks him to release the Titans. The heroes stop them and don’t let them defeat Olympus. Later, Evander succeeds in reconciling Hera and Zeus, and Hercules and Iolaus decide to continue their heroic path, helping those in need and performing new feats.


2001 — 2010

Scrubs has 9 seasons, but its most devoted fans don’t consider the 9th season to be its continuation and are skeptical about it. Here comes a narrative from the perspective of a student of medical college. J.D. returns to the "Sacred Heart" to teach in medical school along with Turk and the others. Eight years later, J.D. and Elliot finally dot all the i’s and cross the t’s: the couple is waiting for their first child.


2001 — 2011

For 10 years we’ve been observing the formation of Superman. Throughout the series, he’s been fighting evil all over the world, but the main threat came in the final season. The planet Apokolips, where Darkseid reigns, is approaching Earth. Clark dresses in the Superman suit for the first time ever and literally pushes Apokolips away from Earth, saving the planet and his friend Oliver, who was infected by Darkseid’s darkness.

The X-Files

1993 — 2001

The TV series ends with 2 episodes with the same title: "The Truth." Agent Mulder enters the secret base, where he kills the super-soldier who, in fact, cannot be killed. Despite the fact that he didn’t actually commit a murder, he’s accused and sentenced to death. Scully and Skinner set up his escape, and then both agents escape to Canada.

In 2016, the 10th season was released, which is also the continuation and restart of the series. It’s made in the format of a miniseries and consists of 6 episodes.


1994 — 2004

Monica and Chandler adopt twins and decide to move to a country house, taking Joey with them. Ross makes a declaration of love to Rachel, and their relationship is renewed. The last scene shows the friends leaving Monica’s empty apartment and heading to Central Perk for one last cup of coffee.

Xena: Warrior Princess

1995 — 2001

The final episodes of the series are called "A Friend in Need."

Xena and Gabrielle go to Japan to fight the evil spirit Yodoshi. Xena dies in the fight against his numerous army but, becoming a ghost, challenges Yodoshi and wins, freeing the souls he swallowed. In the final scene, we see a ship with the ghost of Xena and Gabrielle on it, discussing plans for future adventures.







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