Nature Is Known For Creating Some Pretty Sick Killers (25 pics)

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25- Deathstalker

Residing primarily in North Africa and the Middle East, this ultra-venomous scorpion is responsible for over 75% of scorpion-related deaths every year. For healthy adults that are stung, they usually only feel, you know, unbearable pain. For children, however, it means a very painful death.

24- Africanized honey bee

You can thank a not-so-responsible Brazilian bee keeper who was trying to interbreed European and African honey bees for these deadly bugs. In 1957 his experiments went wrong and some of his creations got away. These genetically mutated killer bees are now all throughout the Americas and have a tendency to swarm relentless and chase their victims for miles. MILES.

23- Rhinoceros

A giant animal with horns made the list? Whadya know? Seriously though, rhino deaths are a common occurrence in many parts of the world. They’ve got terrible eyesight so they’re easy to scare, and once you’ve spooked them it’s hard to make an escape. Unless you can run faster than 40mph.

22- Cone snail

One drop of venom can kill 20 people. They’re also known as the cigarette snail, because it’s said that if you’re stung by this bastard you’ll only have enough time to smoke a cigarette before you croak. Oh yeah, and there isn’t any anti-venom.

21- Stonefish

Maybe it’s so deadly because it’s tired of everyone picking on how ugly it is? This killer calmly hides on the ocean floor, waiting for other fish to swim by so it can open its lighting-fast jaws and gobble them up in less than .015 seconds. Stepping on its spines could cost you your leg, if not your life.

20- Great White Shark

The legendary predators of the sea can’t really tell between the edible and non-edible, so the ocean is basically their sampler platter. Boats, surfboards, humans, you know, anything that dares go in the water, they taste. After that initial bite of human, though, they usually don’t want to consume your whole body. They just leave you to die.

19- Black mamba

Some people call it “death incarnate.” The giant nope snake is the source of tons of myths and legends due to their highly aggressive nature, their speed and their affinity for attacking just because.

18- Cape Buffalo

The Cape buffalo was never successfully domesticated, so they’re not too keen on humans. They’re known as the “widow maker” throughout Africa, as well as “black death.” They’re responsible every year for more deaths than any other large animal on the whole continent.

17- Poison dart frog

Stay the f*ck away from this gorgeous 2-inch amphibian. It’s got enough poison to kill 20,000 mice. The amount of the same poison that would fit on a pinhead (2 micrograms) could stop the heart of a large animal. The worst part is that the poison is actually on the skin. So don’t even get close. Like at all.

16- Polar bear

Polar bears are so bad that they will literally eat another polar bear if they’re hungry. They’ll pretty much eat anything that has meat on it, because it’s not like there’s much out there for them to hunt, right?

15- Box jellyfish

I once saw a CSI: Miami episode where someone was murdered by being pushed into a tank of these, and as unbelievable as most of the happenings on that show are, that one was pretty legit. They’ve been labeled “world’s most venomous animal,” and it’s so potent that even a minuscule amount of their poison can cause the heart to seize up and stop.

14- African lion

Humans are generally not their most desirable prey, but they have been known to actively hunt us. One famous case was the Tsavo man-eaters in 1898 who killed 28 railway workers in Kenya over 9 months. Yikes.

13- Boomslang

They’re typically shy and don’t attack humans, but when they do, it’s bad. Boomslang venom disables blood clotting, which means victims die slowly as they bleed out from every pore of their body.

12- Puffer fish

It’s kind of cute, but it’s also considered on of the most poisonous vertebrates in the world. Their poison will paralyze your diaphragm and stop your breathing, so it’s really cool that it’s a delicacy in Japan, right?

11- Hyena

Hyenas tend to stay away from humans during the day, but it’s a whole new ballgame when the sun goes down. They’re known more for being scavengers, but when they’re hunting they can be relentless in pursuit… especially when they’ve tasted human flesh.

10- Komodo dragon

Komodo dragons are definitely not picky eaters. They eat birds, water buffalos and humans. They’ve even been known to dig up bodies from shallow graves. They’re hunting strategy is pretty brutal in the sense that they like to rip out throats and retreat until the animal bleeds out.

9- Tse tse fly

This giant fly is a blood sucker and is the primary carrier of the African Sleeping Sickness. It’s indirectly responsible for killing up to a quarter of a million people every year.

8- Leopard

The strange thing about leopards is that when they’re injured, they get even more dangerous. They’re also really strong and do cray things like drag antelopes up trees.

7- Carpet viper

Remember that boomslang venom that causes victims to bleed out slowly? The carpet viper has that too. It’s responsible for the majority of snake-related deaths in the world, but mainly because most of the bites occur in areas that don’t have modern medical facilities.

6- Brazilian wandering spider

This bad boy is the proud owner of the Guinness World Record for the most venomous spider in the world. They’re often found wandering (no kidding) in houses and cars in densely-populated areas. Especially during daytime. Great.

5- Blue ringed octopus

Its golfball body holds enough venom to kill 26 adults. Why is it always the small ones?

4- Hippopotamus

The funny thing is they’re mostly herbivorous, but they can still kick your ass. They’re highly aggressive and one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. They’ve been known to attack humans for no good reason, they even go so far as to destroy entire vehicles.

3- Saltwater crocodile

This waterlurker has been known to eat everything from water buffalo to sharks. It uses the “death roll,” which means it flips its prey over and over in the water until it drowns.

2- African elephant

The world’s largest land animal has been known to trample #23 (the rhino) to death. They sometimes display giant bouts of rage can even be vindictive, which does not go well with their size.

1- Mosquito

The only animal above the largest animal is one of the smallest. This one probably doesn’t surprise you, as it’s been estimated that almost 700 million people contract diseases from these little flying assholes, which results in about 2-3 million deaths per year. Stock up on bug spray, people.

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#13 - Green tree python




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