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For Some Celebrities, Porn Is A Memory They Will Never Be Able To Erase (12 pics + 3 gifs)

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Before appearing in I Love You, Man and My Name is Earl, Jaime Pressly had a role in the softcore porn film Poison Ivy.

David Duchovny has been stellar on X-Files and Californication, but that was after he was in a soft-core porn series titled The Red Shoe Diaries.

Matt LeBlanc also had a part in The Red Shoe Diaries in which he played a character very similar to his character in Friends.

It seems fitting that Sibel Kekilli plays a prostitute turned significant other of royalty in Game of Thrones since she starred in a handful of adult films in Germany before she switched to mainstream acting. It proved to be a smart move because she has won best actress in four of her roles.

Jackie Chan has come out and said that he does not regret his short time in the porn industry in which he played a rickshaw driver in the ’70s porn film All in the Family, a Hong Kong-based porno-comedy.

Before Kevin Costner starred in Dances with Wolves and Bull Durham he was in Malibu Hot Summer, a softcore porn film released in the early ’80s.

So Helen Mirren wasn’t exactly in a “porn film” when she had a scantily clad role in Caligula, but the actress did show a lot of skin in the film before she went on to bigger roles in such films as The Queen and The Debt.

After winning the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to transition to mainstream film but not before he posed for a porn magazine.

Cameron Diaz starred in a solo, softcore porn film and since she has made her way to mainstream Hollywood she has tried to limit the distribution of the film. There is still little evidence that the film exists.

Sylvester Stallone was paid $200 to be in the softcore porn film titled The Party at Kitty and Stud’s. The film was re-released after he gained some fame and it was re-titled Italian Stallion.

Sasha Grey was a very well established name in the porn industry when she made the transition to mainstream acting. She played Vincent Chase’s girlfriend in Entourage.

Vivid Entertainment released a DVD in 2005 that featured Saving Private Ryan actor Tom Sizemore having sex with multiple women. Some of the footage was reportedly homemade and questionable, to say the least.

It’s pretty well-known by now that Kim Kardashian gained fame after her sex tape with Ray J, as it launched her to bigger and less controversial roles in reality television.

So Dustin Diamond didn’t get into adult films before he made it big as Screech on Saved by the Bell!, but he did direct and release his own sex taped titled Screeched – Saved by the Smell.

Marilyn Monroe didn’t exactly “dabble” in porn, but the naked photos she shot before making it big were about the same for that era of entertainment.


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