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These Girls Didn’t Have To Bother With Their Prom Outfits, As They Are Gorgeous In Their Moms’ Vintage Ones! (40 pics)

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First Worn In 1962 - Last Worn In 2013. Mother, Two Daughters And One Grand Daughter

The Mom On The Left Says Her Daughter Was Left Disappointed By A Dress She Ordered Online, So She Raided Her Closet And Found This Saucy Purple Number Instead

My Daughter Did That. She Wore My Exact Prom Dress From My Prom

My Daughter Wore My Gown To A Friends Senior Prom That I Wore For My Sister In Law's Wedding 20 Years Ago

Wore The Dress My Mum Made When She Was 17. In 1987. And Wore It To My Senior Ball Last Weekend

1989 Is Like, Super In Right Now

My Daughter Wore My Prom Dress 19 Years Later ..!! 1998/2017

Wearing My Mother's Prom Dress From 1983

Wore My Mama's Dress To Prom

Since I Was Wearing My Mom's Senior Prom Dress From The '70s, We Had To Recreate This Gem

Mom And I Shared Several Dresses, 24 Years Apart

That's Me On The Left In 1993 And On The Right - My Daughter In 2017, Wearing My Prom Dress. I'm Happy She Likes My Style

I Wore A Dress (Green) Passed From My Grandmother To My Aunt And Down To Me For My Sorority Formal And It Was Perfect!!

My Daughter Has Always Said She Wanted To Wear Mom's Dress For Her Senior Prom, Mission Complete

Revamped My Mom's Old Prom Dress And Wore It To My Senior Prom

I Think It's The Most Beautiful, But I'm A Little Biased Toward My Own Family....1987 And 2017

Me At Prom On The Left In 1990. My Daughter In My Dress Going To Her Prom In 2014

Sharing As My Daughter Wore Mine Just This Past Sat! My Prom 1996, Hers 2017

My Wife And I 1997 Prom Our Daughter 2017 Prom Same Dress!

My Daughters Prom Was This Past Weekend And She Wore My Prom Dress From 20 Years Ago. Black Dresses Are Never Out Of Style

Love That My Daughter Is Wearing My 17 Year Old Dress

My Daughter Wore The Same Dress I Wore In 1988 To My Senior Military Ball

My Oldest Daughter Trying On My Prom Dress A Couple Of Years Ago

She Didn't Wear It To Prom But I At Least Got Her To Try It On And Stand In The Same Spot The Morning Of Her Prom Day At My Parents House....20 Years Later

Senior Prom Dress Last Worn 26 Years Ago

Mother And Daughter Wearing The Same Prom Dress

My Mom Had Been Saving Her Old Prom Dress For All These Years Just So Her Future Daughter Could Try It On

1998 Vs 2017

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