Anorexia Is Not The Final Verdict! (45 pics)

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Before And After Anorexia

Margherita Barbieri, A Stunning Young Dancer, Has Made A Miraculous Recovery After Being Called “thunder Thighs” At Ballet School

Hannah During The Grip Of Her Anorexia When Her BMI Dropped To 11 An Hannah Now

Matthew Booth 'Died' For 20 Minutes When He Was Rushed To Hospital And It Saved His Life

Anorexia Recovery Progress - 31kg To 50kg

1 Year Difference - This Is To Hopefully Show You That No Matter How Lost You Are In Your Own Head, It Is Possible To Escape! It Is Possible To Find Happiness Again

Kaitlyn Davidson Once Weighed Less Than 37kg And Has Made A Remarkable Recovery

I Would Not Be Here Now If I Did Not Choose To Beat It

Linn Strömberg, 23, Survived On Just 400 Calories A Day And Was In Danger Of Suffering A Heart Attack Before Taking Up Weightlifting

Danny Walsh Slipped Into The Grip Of Anorexia After Becoming Obsessive Over Football, Training To Be The Best Player He Could Be But Within Four Months He Managed To Beat The Illness And Gain Weight

Recovery From Anorexia

Elle Lietzow Refused To Let Even A Drop Of Water Touch Her Lips. After A Week, She Collapsed With A Seizure And Was Rushed To Hospital

Jo Thompson Was Once Given 48 Hours To Live - Beat The Disorder After Falling For Her Boss At The Burger Chain

Hayley Wilde Suffered With Anorexia And Was Given Just 10 Days To Live, But She Went On To Become Pregnant And Have A Baby Son

After 4 Years, I've Conquered Anorexia, Bulimia And EDNOS. I'm Twice My Weight And More Than Twice As Happy

"No More Fear... Of Doing Or Wearing Anything That Might Make Me Look Less Than Perfect To Anyone Who Might Be Looking At Me"

What An Incredible Change: Mariah Setta, Whose Weight Plummeted To 48 Kilos As She Battled A Crippling Eating Disorder, Shares Before And After Pictures

Adriana Jones Spent Most Of Her Teenage Years Battling Anorexia That Almost Claimed Her Life But She Managed To Make A Remarkable Transformation

My Before-After Photos. 1 Year Apart

60 Is The New Black! Recovery At Any Age

In Honor Of Today Marking 18 Months Of Recovery From Anorexia

Georgia Mcgrath Was So Frail That Her Ribs Snapped When She Jumped Into Her Boyfriend's Arms But She’s Now Made An Incredible Recovery

One Year Eating Disorder Recovery

Inspirational Recovery Of Anorexic Nurse Who Was On The Brink Of Death

Sophie Gajnik Can Now Lift Four Times Her Former Anorexic Self

Gemma Walker Was Once Given 48 Hours To Live And Her Father Would Check On Her Every Morning To See If She Was Breathing

Recovery After 10 Years Of Struggle

Chloe Shelton Became Anorexic At Seven But She Beat The Illness And Is Hoping To Become Beauty Queen

8 Months And 20kg Later

Sarah Hicks Dropped To Just 42kgs And Was So Anorexic Doctors Feared Her Eating Disorder May Eventually Kill Her

60lbs To 85lbs In About 5.5 Months

If You Had Told Me A Year Ago That I Would Now Be Where I Am Today, I Probably Would Have Shoved A Pen Up Your Nose And Told You You Were An Idiot



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