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Porn Stars Like Video Games Too! (14 pics)

Posted in NSFW   9 May 2017   / 4573 views

Riley Reyes

“Probably my favorite video game franchise of all time is the Fallout series. It’s so good, the music is so good, the story is so immersive and fun and I love the post-apocalyptic stuff and also the vintage art. It’s the best.”

Aubrey Sinclair

“We played Call of Duty. We did the zombie maps. Where you run around and kill all zombies. I just pushed all the buttons. I died a lot but I just pushed all the buttons hoping to kill something.”

Alison Rey

“I remember I used to play Dance Dance Revolution on our PS2. I was really good at it too!”

Cherie DeVille

“Right at this second, Fallout. My favorite of the Fallout series, Fallout 3. Or Skyrim.”

Abella Danger

“I’ve never played a video game in my life.”

Gabriella Paltrova

“The Last of Us. It’s not necessarily zombies, it’s more like a virus. They turn into these like crazy creature. This virus, they still don’t know if it’s created by humans or not, hit humanity. You got this guy, he finds the cure. This little girl happens to have the cure so he’s got try to get her over to this crew of people. Just try to get the cure and get rid of all this virus crap and these crazy ugly looking things.”

Georgia Jones

“My favorite video game of all time is Gears of War. I love Gears of War very much.”

Jessie Lynne

“Grand Theft Auto 3 was my game. Because you do shit you can’t do in real life.”

Kagney Linn Karter

“The Wii Just Dance for a while.”

Kat Monroe

“League of Legend. I play RPGs mainly.”

Piper Perri

“I guess if I could pick two in two different categories. For the computer, it would be the sims 4. I’m secretly addicted to it. As far as console games go, I like a few but my favorite has to be Skyrim.”

Riley Reid

“I like to play Mortal Kombat. It was probably my favorite as a child growing up. Mortal Kombat was my shit, you’d do all the secret moves and whatever. I loved katana. I had my own fatality. When I was angry I’d imagine me ripping the spine out of somebody’s back with my teeth I was like that would be my fatality if I could fucking chomp on them and rip it out.”

Val Dodds

“My brother is a really big video game junkie so I always play black ops with him. Normally I get on his headset and I try and make friends because I’m not really good at the game and then they try and protect me so that I’m not dying.”

Rizzo Ford

“Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I love that game. Also Street Fighter.”

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the abella Danger one made me chuckle