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The Older These Grandpas Get – The More Badass They Become (43 pics)

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I Just Found Out My Grandpa Has A Facebook. These Are The Selfies That I Found On His Page

A Week Before My Grandfather Passed Away, I Snuck His Favorite Beer Into The Nursing Home For Him. It Was His Last Beer Ever

My Friend Had A Medieval Themed Wedding And Her Grandpa Showed Up Like This

My 90 Year Old Grandfather At His Battlestation. He Was The Person Who Introduced Me To Several Tech Things, Such As A PC, An iPad, And A Tesla

My Grandfather, A WWII Dive Bomber, On His 95th Birthday

I Received A Birthday Card. Thanks 'grampa'

My Grandpa Kept Telling Me That He Had 8 "Gal Pals" At His Senior Home. I Didn't Believe Him Until I Saw This Picture Hanging Up On His Fridge

Photographed My Grandpa Tonight For A Uni Project. He's 75, Retired Romanian Army Colonel. Still As Tough And Badass As Ever. Love Him To Bits

My Grandpa Texted Me, "I'm Home Alone. So I Took My First Selfie."

I Lost My Grandfather Three Weeks Ago. Scoured For Weeks Through My Computer To Find My Favorite Picture Of Him. Found It Yesterday

They Say College Is Where You Meet Your Lifetime Friends. I Think I Found Mine

Before He Died In 1989, My Grandfather Claimed He Quit Smoking. Today I Found This

When Asked Why He Got A Puppy At 93 Years Old, My Great Grandfather Responded "Women Love Puppies" So Here Is The Picture Of Him And His Little Wingman Fritzy

This Elderly Man In A 'Batman Looking' Wingsuit Jumping Out Of The Plane

96 Years Old And He's Still Got A Filthy Mind. My Grandpa Is A Cheeky Old Bastard

Ending The "My Dad Will Beat-Up Your Dad Arguments"? - Nope! Presenting My Grandpa On His 89th Birthday

I Found Batman Glasses And Forgot I Left Them In My Grandpa's Car. He Sent Me This Picture

My Very Italian Grandpa Is In The Hospital. We Asked If He Wanted Anything. All He Asked For Was Wine And Cream Puffs. What A Badass

My Sister Somehow Got My Grandfather On The Carousel

For Everyone Who Says "What 'Bout When You're Older"

Hide Your Wives, Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Husbands And Hide Your Pets As Well While You're At It

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