Falling in love, women can talk about their beloved ones for hours. They become incredibly absent-minded, forgetful and cannot live even a few minutes without talking to their sweethearts. Men, on the contrary, behave quite differently. They don’t usually talk about their feelings to the girls.

Male psychology is an extremely complicated thing. In some situations, young people specifically behave as if nothing happens, and the woman is wondering, what exactly her partner feels for her. At the same time, there are several signs of sincere love that allow a girl to answer the question unmistakably whether her partner loves her, or whether it is just wishful thinking.

Psychologically speaking, there are several basic signs of a man's love for a woman, which demonstrate the sincerity of a young man. It is necessary to evaluate his behavior on the following parameters.

1. He imagines you in his future.

One of the most basic signs of a guy's sincere love is that he wants to see you in his future. This doesn’t mean that he should make you a proposal after your first date and introduce you to his parents. In this situation, it will be enough even if the young man mentions you in his plans for the coming weekend.

2. He is on the same page with you.

If a really deep and bright feeling arises between you and your beloved one, you will certainly understand that you are on the same page. So, if you feel bad or, conversely, very good, your mood will necessarily move to your beloved person.

3. He keeps his eyes on you.

If a man really likes you, he cannot help keeping his eyes on you even after several years of dating. Even if he is communicating with other people in parallel, he will look at you every few minutes. In the case when someone distracts a young person from talking with you, he will look at another talker with great reluctance.

4. He isn’t jealous of you.

Contrary to the popular belief, jealousy is not a sign of love but of the fact that a man has no confidence. If a man truly loves his woman, he will trust her, which means that jealousy is groundless and he will not have any reasons for it. In addition, such a guy will tell you all his secrets, without worrying that you can share them with someone.

5. He cares about you.

If a man really loves, he cares about his woman. This can be shown in serious, as well as in small things. For example, a young man, going grocery shopping, will never forget to buy your favorite chocolate, without which you cannot live a day. In addition, he will always worry about whether you are comfortable.

6. He will show you to his friends.

When a man realizes that he has found his beloved woman, he is ready to show her to the whole world because he is very proud to be with her. Don’t be surprised if, in the first days after the meeting, you will not be alone most of the time but with numerous friends and relatives of your boyfriend. And, if your love has become mutual and has moved to a new level, a man will try to show others that this girl is not free anymore in all possible ways. So, he will constantly hug and kiss you in the company of his friends, so that other men do not even think about your person.

7. He will try to help you.

People in love always try to help each other in any possible ways, even without a reminder. If your young man notices that something has broken in your flat, he will try to repair it as soon as possible. He will help carry heavy bags and packages, bring breakfast in bed.

8. He becomes weak in your arms.

A man who no longer can imagine his life without you must become weak in your arms. In fact, men, just like women, dream about a close-knit family with children and quiet cozy evenings in the company of close people.

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