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Dogs Aren’t Afraid Of Death, But Seem To Be Afraid Of Generally Everything Else (40 pics)

Posted in Forbidden   17 May 2017   / 5825 views

This Jumping, Wall Climbing Sheep Is Freaking Otis Out

Roomba, The Nope Of Dog World

Dog And Kitten Afraid Of Thunder

Someone's Afraid To Leave The Carpet

My Dog Is Afraid Of Rain. Even When It's Only Drizzling, She Pretends That We're Not At Our Destination Yet

You Said We Were Going To The Park. Liar!

What The Duck Is Going On Here

Well It Turned Out The Dog Was Afraid Of The Cat And She Climbed On The Corner Of The Sofa And Refused To Even Look At Him

Piper Was Scared Of A Lawn Mower And Tried To Blend In With The Alpacas

Pugs On Pugs On Pugs

Harvested This Giant Zucchini, Frightened Corgi's For Scale

Puppysitting This Lil Girl. She Is Scared Of The Lawnmower

My Female Friend Claims She's A Great Driver, Her Dog Thinks Otherwise

My Mom Got Pippin This New Giraffe Toy And He's Terrified Of It I Can't Breathe

My Dog Is Scared Of My Guitar. So I Took Advantage Of His Weakness And Started Eating On The Back Of My Guitar So He Wont Interrupt Me

Zelda Got Scared On The Drive Home

My Dog Is Horrified That It's Her Birthday

My Dog Thinks This Is The Safest Place When The Vacuum Is Running

My Dog Was Scared Of The Vaccum

Please Do Not Let This Thing Kill Me

My Dog Is Terrified Of Crossing Bridges

He Was Scared To Climb Down The Mountain Or Maybe He Just Wanted To Be Carried Like That

My St. Bernard's Reaction To Seeing A 3 Lb Kitten And Getting Scared

My Cousin's Dog Watching Shark Week

Scared By Fireworks, Our Dog Was Really Determined To Stay Next To Daddy

Arky Wanted To Ride With Me On The Tractor. After I Started The Engine, He Got Scared And Wrapped His Front Arms Around My Neck And His Back Legs Around My Leg

There Is An 80-Pound Dog In My Lap Because He Is Afraid Of Being Catslapped

Guess Who's Afraid Of The Vacuum Cleaner?

My Dog Is Scared Of Cucumber Water This Is Ridiculous

A Friend Of Mine Works At A Grooming Salon. This Dog Is Scared Of The Blow Dryer

He's Scared Of The Dark So He Sneaks Into Our Bedroom

He Was Sleeping, When A Car Backfiring Scared Him, And He Accidently Ran Into The Pool

Her Kitty Was Scared Of The Thunder, Not Her. Never Her

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